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If you launch your survey to email addresses you have entered manually, from your panel or imported for bulk distribution (without additional information for pre-populating), you can test how your email survey invitation will look to your respondents. This test is designed to be conducted directly before actual survey launch (the email addresses for real survey distribution may be entered or imported right beforehand).

Click Test Email on the Email SurveyEmail to ListEmail Survey Using Address Book pages, and then:

  1. Confirm sending test email by clicking OK in the pop-up confirmation message.
  2. In the text field of the prompt message enter email addresses to which the test email invitation should be sent. Separate each email address with a semicolon. All the rules of manual email address input are effective for Test Email.
  3. Click OK to send test emails.


  • This test distribution will not be reflected in your survey statistics anyway. If you follow the survey link from the test email, no results will be saved in the database.
  • The email addresses entered or imported for the real survey distribution will not be lost after sending test email unless you leave the page.
  • If you navigate away from the Email Survey (Email to List, Email Survey To Panel) page, the addresses will be lost and you will need to re-enter (re-import) them.