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WorldAPP is proud to announce the Survey v8.17 release that is scheduled for March 11th, 2017.

The goal of this release is to enhance the functionality of Show/Hide logic and improve the user experience of setting it up.

Modern forms and surveys are becoming increasingly interactive. and Key Survey have offered multiple solutions to show and hide questions dynamically in the form based on previous answers: Show/Hide logic, the Interactive Logic plugin, and Hide questions interactively plugin. In this release we have decided to streamline the process of setting up forms with interactive display logic, and make it more powerful and user friendly.

Users with complex forms that have many Show/Hide logic settings will appreciate the ease of setting up the rules and the ability to edit all of them on the same screen. We hope you enjoy it!

Discover all the new features coming with the latest version 8.17 release in the details below. 

Show-hide logic

Starting from this version, Show/Hide logic will be located under Advanced Features:

"Add/Edit one expression" mode can be accessed directly from the Form/survey edit page by clicking on the "plus (+)" button next to the corresponding feature name:

Summary page

Starting from this version, you can add new show-hide expressions, and view, edit, change the priority of existing rules directly from the Summary page. All expressions are divided into three blocks: 

  1. Invalid expressions
  2. Valid expressions
  3. Inactive expressions

If there are multiple expressions set for the same question, they will be executed sequentially. You can change their priority by moving them up or down in a list:


Question references may be used when setting up a new Show-hide expression in Quick mode:

  • Qx.Ay Question and answer option numbers;
  • QID;AID;QID.Ay. Custom question and answer identifiers may be used in Quick mode, but they will be converted to question/answer option numbers upon saving;
  • Qx-Qy allows to reference a range of questions. For instance, Q1-Q3;
  • Qx.Ay-Az allows to reference a range of answer options. For instance, Q1.A1-A5;
  • Qx.Ay.Cz-Cm allows to reference a range of columns on a particular row for "3D Matrix" and "Rate different items along the scale of your choice";
  • Qx.Cy-Cz allows to reference a range of columns for "3D Matrix" and "Rate different items along the scale of your choice".

The system optimizes expressions automatically by removing repeated question/answer options or overlapping ranges. For example, the expression “Show Q2.A1-A4, Q3-Q5, Q2.A2, Q3.A3-A5, Q4 if Q1” will be changed to "Show Q2.A1-A4, Q3-Q5 if Q1" after saving

Simple mode

When creating/editing a Show/hide expression, the page is divided into two sections:

  1. Select questions to show or hide:
  2. Condition:

Quick mode

Quick Mode for Show-hide allows you to create multiple expressions at once or copy and paste them into your form/survey:


Old expressions migration

Starting from v8.17, "Show/hide on condition" checkbox will be removed from the Edit question page.

All existing logical expressions will be moved to the Show/hide summary page, which can be accessed from the Advanced features control on form/survey toolbar.

New Show-hide features

In addition to the interface update, we also developed multiple new features for Show/Hide functionality.

Show/hide entire questions

Show/hide can be applied to the question so that you can control all conditional show-hide logic of your form in one place. It will no longer be necessary to set up additional plugins (Interactive logic, Hide questions interactively). For instance, "Show Q2 if Q1.A1".

Unconditional Show/Hide

Show/Hide may be executed unconditionally. To do this, use the special "If Always" condition when setting up a new Show/hide expression:

Show/Hide no clear 

“Do not clear existing values” will keep the answer of a conditionally-shown question when its visibility changes:

Support for more question types

Starting from this version, it is possible to Show or Hide questions of the types below:

  • Section Header;
  • Multi-line text response;
  • Object Lookup and Multiple Object Lookup;
  • File upload;
  • Comment, Other and Total Fields of the Pick one with comment, Pick one or other, Check all that apply and Numeric allocation questions.

Single/Multiple question selection modes

When working with conditional Show-hide in "Add/edit one" mode, you can switch between single and multiple question selection modes:


With “Allow to select multiple questions”, you can have a single rule control the visibility of multiple questions/answers, e.g. "Show Q1.A5, Q2, Q3.A1 if Q1.A1".

Please be aware, that if you worked in Single or Multiple question selection mode, and then decided to work with multiple questions or vice versa, the rule you created earlier will be saved and shown to you once you switch back to the original mode:

Show-hide logic summary box

If Show-hide logic was applied to a question, then the summary box will be placed right under it stating that this question contains one or multiple Show-hide expressions. You can hover over this box to see a list of expressions:

Show link redirects you to the "Single question" edit page. Show/hide expressions applied to the question are located at the bottom:

+ Add One allows to create a new expression in simple mode and Open Quick Edit redirects to the Quick edit page.

Set Value 

Set Value now works with Multiple Object Lookup question type. Now multiple objects from a Contact Manager or Data Model may be preselected, based on a logic condition.


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