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We are pleased to announce the release of version 8.18 of the Survey data collection platform, scheduled for June 3rd, 2017.

This release focuses on improving launch to Participant Portal and Mobile Application, making it possible to unpublish the forms and tasks automatically as well as republish them when the contacts list changes.
This update will also include numerous other Mobile Application enhancements. 

Here is a detailed list of all improvements released in version 8.18.

Improvements to Participant Portal Launch and Tasks

Participant Portal Launch

With the release of version 8.18,  you can unpublish and republish the forms to the Portal when the group of Contacts that should see the form changes. 

  • The existing option "Automatically publish to new contacts" will be replaced with "Auto Republish when contacts selection changes". 
  • This new option will enable automatic publishing of forms to the new contacts that match selected criteria, as well as removing access to forms ("un-publishing") for the contacts that no longer match the group filters criteria (due to filter or contact changes). 
  • To support this change, the "Save Filters" / "Save Filters and Republish" button was added on the Customize Groups Filters page. Any changes to the filters will not take effect until the user clicks this button. 

    Additionally, the user will be able to see a summary of contacts included/excluded in the new filter settings.

  • The statistics message on the Publish on Participant Portal page has also been enhanced, and now includes the number of contacts to whom the form will be unpublished/published. 


After the Task Definition is set up and Tasks are created and assigned, you will now be able to customize the filter which defines the Responsible Party contact group:


When the filter changes are saved, it will be possible to assign tasks to contacts that are defined by the new filter settings. The contacts who will no longer fit the filter criteria will be removed from the Task Assignee list, and their tasks will become unavailable on the Portal.

Mobile Application

Incremental Synchronization for Mobile Applications

With the release of version 8.18, we introduce Incremental Sync for Mobile Applications. This feature is aimed to significantly improve the synchronization (sync) speed in Mobile Applications by downloading only new or changed forms, tasks and data models from the server instead of always downloading all data for the user.
Full synchronization will be performed after application or server updates or can be triggered manually from the application's Settings page.

Mobile Application Launch from External Sources

Our Mobile Application can now be launched externally from your own app, webpage or email.  After the form is published to Participant Portal, you may compose a link of a certain structure and add it to your application or website. With a click on this link, the Mobile Application will be launched automatically. It is also possible to assign unique parameters to form questions, and with the help of the URL Import feature, pass these parameters from the link into the form. If the portal user clicks on such a link, the prefilled response will be opened. survey application external launch may be implemented using two schemes supported by iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems:


Auto-Map option for Copy Responses Plugin

The Copy Responses plugin will now have an additional parameter called Auto-Map Questions. This parameter will automatically map questions in both source and target forms, as long as their types, structures and Question Identifiers are identical.

If 'No' is selected for this field, the system will process mappings defined in Question references section.
If 'Yes' option is selected, the
 references specified in Questions References section will overwrite questions mapping generated automatically.




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