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The Administration page contains all of the information which a Survey administrator may require in the process.

The current page contains the following topics:

User Administration

All of the possible features to administrate users' accounts provided in the chapter.

Self Host Administration Guide

This chapter consists of several sections regarding to administration of Self Hosted solutions. has become the enterprise utility of choice for designing, managing, and extending data collection and distribution throughout the enterprise. It is the first multi-purpose solution for all enterprise-wide data collection.

With a tidal wave of SPAM and Phishing schemes circulating the internet, it's important to maintain a contiguous brand message when interfacing with clients to increase affinity and ensure the highest possible response rates.

Section describes all the features, advantages and benefits of using Form/Survey software on a Self-Hosted model.

To keep application stable and secure, recommendations for the software and hardware provided in this document should be followed. and Key Survey applications may be configured to allows Single Sign On via SAML 2 using Service Provider (SP) initiated POST binding scheme.



If you would like to have a printable version of the Administration guide, please download it by following the link: Administration guide.



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