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If you prepopulate your form/survey using the Autofill feature, it is not possible to prepopulate questions of 3D Matrix type, unless you use this plugin.

To use the Autofiller for 3D matrix questions plugin, create a data file in CSV format where the respondent's unique identifier is always stored in the first column. Other columns are used for autofilling a 3D Matrix question itself. 

There should be as many rows for one respondent in the file, as there are rows in a 3D Matrix question, even if several of those rows might be empty for that respondent.

The sequence of the columns within the data file is strict:
  • a column with respondent's unique identifier (email address or password);
  • columns for autofilling pick-one elements of 3D Matrix question;
  • columns for autofilling checkbox elements;
  • columns for autofilling drop-down elements;
  • columns for autofilling single-line (general) elements.

To insert the Autofiller for 3D matrix questions plugin, specify the following parameters:

  1. * Reference Question - reference a 3D Matrix question you want to autofill using Qx format, where x is a question number.
  2. * File to upload - Select the data file in CSV format with autofill information.

3D Matrix question

Here is a screenshot of the 3D Matrix question which needs to be autofilled:

Data file structure

The order of the columns should be as following:

Unique respondent identifier, 1hour/2hours, Session recorded, Topic of discussion, Teacher's name, Date

There are four rows in the question above, so if we need to upload data for two respondents with unique identifiers and, the CSV file should be set up the following way:


As a result, the autofilled question for will look the following way: