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This page offers options of editing the name of the Task Definition, assigning people responsible for carrying out the task, and making the selected Form a mandatory part of the Task Definition.

  1. Click on the Pencil button to edit the Task Definition name.
  2. Check Hide task definition from the portal if you want to hide particular task definition for its' Responsible parties (assignees) and Task managers (group of the users that has a right to manage the task definition). This means that hidden task definition will no longer be displayed on the "Tasks" tab once users login to a mobile application.
  3. Click on the Select button in the Responsible parties section to select the assignees which will see tasks from their User Portal. A tree of your Contact Managers and contact groups will appear. You can choose a Contact Manager or a group within it and press the Save button

  4. You can modify your previous selection by pressing the Change button or by clicking Customize to reduce the number of contacts selected and customizing the Group with the filter creation. To customize your contact selection, provide a unique group name in the Group Name field under the Filters tab:

    • To create a customized filter for your group, click on the New Filter button. The Profile tab allows choosing portal users by contact manager values, e.g. their names, emails, IDs etc. Use the Add/Remove buttons to add or delete users from the customized group under the Select tab or select the Condition tab to manually input values that will fully match those of contact manager or be contained in them. The Activity tab allows choosing users based on their Portal activity by applying numeric or date conditions to the filter.
    • To add a filter after the customization has been done, press the Add filter button. Several filters can be added. All the applied filters can be viewed in the Review filter logic section. You may combine the filters using the AND, OR or custom logic conditions.
    • Under the Preview tab, a list of contacts selected by the filter together with their Portal profile data is displayed. Contacts can also be searched by different indicators that can be selected from the dropdown next to Search Contacts text box. The Show response statistics for contacts link provides information on survey completion process by users selected.
  5. To add a form to a Task Definition, click on Select button in the Form section. In the dialog box that will pop up, select a form from a tree and hit Save. If you wish to filter forms by text they contain, type the text into the Search box. After you have saved a form, the Form section of the Basics tab will contain the form name, as well as preview, Change and Delete icons.To make the submission of an attached form mandatory, you must activate the Form submission is required to close task feature.

  • Once Tasks are created under a Task Definition, it is not possible to change the Contact manager in the Responsible party section. However, you may customize the Responsible party contact group by changing the filter which defines it. If the contact, to whom the tasks were assigned, no longer fits the criteria of the responsible party filter, his tasks will be removed from his Portal.
  • It is not possible to change or delete the associated Form if the Task Definition contains tasks.
  • It is not possible to change or delete a Form if the Task Definition contains statuses based on form/custom task properties/workflow actions that include data from the form.