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The web browsers listed below are recommended for delivering optimal online and Key Survey performance. The use of any web browser that not listed in this table may result in functional defects and performance errors in the system.

We encourage our users to upgrade their browsers and continue to maintain regular updates to ensure the optimal performance of and Key Survey.

There are three types of KeySurvey and users: application user, end user and portal user.

  • Application user is a person with an active KeySurvey or account that has permissions to manage surveys, forms, and reports, to administer other users' access to the account or application in general.
  • End user is a person who is provided with a direct link to participate in a survey or form.
  • Portal user is a type of end user who is given access to a special web page (Portal) where the user can participate in multiple forms and surveys.

Nearly all the end-user (respondent) functionality will be available in mobile-optimized web environments, such as iPhone and other mobile embedded browsers.

All and Key Survey users must have Cookies and JavaScript enabled. All modern browsers have cookies and JavaScript enabled by default. and Key Survey support, and will continue to support, the newest versions of all listed browsers.

If you use our Mobile App ( Mobile or Key Survey Mobile) which collects data offline, you may review the compatible devices and supported OS here.

 Application UserEnd UserPortal User
Microsoft Edge   
Windows 10Latest VersionLatest VersionLatest Version
Internet Explorer   

(except Windows XP)

v 10.0 +v 8.0 +v 10.0 +
Windows Phone v 8.0 + 
Windows RT v 8.0 + 
Google Chrome   
WindowsLatest Versionv 25.0 +Latest Version
macOSLatest Versionv 25.0 +Latest Version
LinuxLatest Versionv 25.0 +Latest Version
Android v 25.0 + 
iOS v 25.0 + 
Mozilla Firefox   
WindowsLatest Versionv 16.0 +Latest Version
macOSLatest Versionv 16.0 +Latest Version
LinuxLatest Versionv 16.0 +Latest Version
Windows Latest Version 
macOS Latest Version 
Linux Latest Version 
macOSv 7.0 +v 6.0 +v 6.0 +
iOS OS v 6.0 + 
Android Browser   
Android OS v 5.1 + 
Blackberry Browser   
Blackberry OS v 7.0 + 

Please contact our support team if your browser is not listed below or if you have any additional questions about browser compatibility.

Since March 2018, we have stopped supporting version 8.0 of Internet Explorer on Windows XP.
Since September 2017, we have stopped supporting version 8.0 of Internet Explorer for all private label accounts.