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The Contact Manager (CM)  is an advanced storage for your contacts allowing you to create multiple contact records and distribution lists, and then use these lists for different distribution campaigns. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • To manage and launch forms to regular participants from the CM;
  • To set up users for the Participants Portal;
  • To allow the CM to be part of an Object Lookup question within a form.

Contact Manager Creation

There are 2 ways to create a Contact Manager:

  • Create contact list by manually editing fields - Using this option you can create new contacts by inputting all required information manually. It is commonly used, if you do not have data saved in an external data file or to update the existing contacts list with new contacts quickly.

  • Create contact list by uploading file with data - Allows importing contacts from a delimited data file stored locally on your machine or remotely at a location that can be accessed through https, FTP(SFTP) protocols.  It should be a UTF-8 encoded .CSV file with the data separated by commas or file separated with tabs, spaces, pipes, etc.

Here are the recommendations for the maximum size of the Contact Manager:

  • Not more than 400 columns.
  • Not more than 4000 Bytes per row. For instance, 4000 symbols in English, 2000 symbols in Cyrillic alphabet.
  • No restrictions for the number of rows.

If the number of columns or bytes are exceeded, it may result in Contact Manager performance issues.

Please read the Contact Manager Creation article for more details. 

For instructions on how to create a Contact Group please read the article.

Contacts view

There are 2 view modes available for the contacts lists:

  • Show response statistics for contacts;
  • Show profile information for contacts.

Please read the Contacts View article for more details.