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To create a New Dashboard from scratch, click the Create Dashboard button located at the top of the List of Dashboards pane:  

Enter a Dashboard Name and Add Data Source. Without these parameters, a dashboard cannot be created.

Dashboard Name and Title

The Dashboard Name must be unique within the account. This name is used to display the dashboard in the list of dashboards and search results. Once the dashboard is created, you will be able to edit its Title, which dashboard viewers will see. The title does not have to be unique. By default, the Dashboard Name is used as the Dashboard Title when the dashboard is created.

Data Source

The Data Source is one of the forms/surveys located in your account, from which you would like to build a Dashboard. 

When adding a Data Source, you will see the list of all folders and forms/surveys sorted alphabetically. Subfolders are displayed on top. Use Search sources to find a form/survey; you may search by its name or ID. Next to each form/survey name, you will see the number of responses collected (In Progress and Completed). Once the Data Source is selected, it becomes highlighted in yellow and a radio button next to it becomes selected.

Click Create Dashboard to proceed to the Edit Dashboard page.

Click Cancel to exit the Create Dashboard pane without saving your changes.