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"Create contact or custom data object" plugin is used to create contacts or new custom data objects when respondents submit the survey or form.

To apply the plugin you would need to specify parameters:

  1. Create criteria - Specify in this field a logical expression by using the following formats: Qx, Qx.Ay, Qx.Ay.Cz. To create a complex expression for multiple questions use the OR, AND logic operators and Advanced Logic rules. 
    If logical expression is true, the plugin will create the contact or custom data object, in opposite case - contact or custom data object will not be created. If no logical expression is specified, the creation will be executed unconditionally.
  2. *Data Object Model - Select whether records should be added to the any of Contact Managers or Data Models created. This is a required field.
  3. Unique Field Mapping - Set up the mapping between the survey question and Contact Manager or Data Model field that will be used as a unique identifier. This is used to register unique contacts or objects and avoid data overwriting or duplication. Use the Qx.Ay=>[Column Name] notation. Only Single Line and Multiline survey questions can be used for the mapping with the unique ID field.
  4. Create if the unique field is empty - Select appropriate answer option (Yes/No) in order to create Data Object anyway (no matter whether Unique Field is empty or not) or create ONLY if Unique Field is filled and unique.
  5. Use piping - Select appropriate answer option(Yes/No), whether you want to replace piping tags or all piping tags will always be left as they are
  6. *Field Mapping - Set up the mapping between the survey questions and database fields. Click the Add button to create multiple mappings. Use the Qx=>[Column Name]Qx.Ay=>[Column Name] or Qx.Ay.Cz=>[Column Name] notation depending on the type of question. This is a required field.

    If you need to pass the links to the files which were added via File Upload questions, you may use the following notation: LINK:Qx.Ay for downloadable links, PLINK:Qx.Ay for preview links. The PLINK reference will show a preview of an image, or an icon for other files.
    When an image is accessed by a direct link, a browser will show a download dialog. To view the images right away, place a link to the image inside the <img src='downloadable link'/> HTML tag.

    Quick edit button allows to enter and edit all references at once, each on a separate line.



  • This plugin works best if applied to Surveys/Forms with the activated Allow multiple responses feature. If applied differently it will lead to duplicate contact creation.
  • If you are creating contacts in Contact Manager that has a Login column, please make sure this field is mapped.
  • This plugin also works with the question and answer identifiers, so you can use them instead of question and answer numbers in plugin parameters.