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To use the Customize URL in your survey or report you need to go to the Launch or Publish pages, and then:

  1. Select the Customize URL option.
  2. In the text field, type your domain name and the webpage name where the survey will be placed, as shown in the example.
  3. Click Save to generate your new survey link.


 To make this link work, ask your webmaster to place the script into the body of the webpage you have indicated in the survey link or report link.
Copy and paste the script below into the body section of your webpage.
 If you are planning to create a new page for your survey or report, you can use this source.

  • You will need to add this script to the webpage only once and it will work for all your surveys and reports - you will just need to select the Customize URL option and specify the domain and the webpage name.
  • If you have a Private Label or Self-Hosted installation of our application, you should modify the URL provided in the script above to reflect the actual address of your installation or the custom link configured in the system.