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Dashboards allow you to visualize, manipulate and share the data you collect through our platform.

Dashboards may consist of various charts visually presenting the data from submitted forms, showing relationships between data categories and process large volumes of data. Using filters, the Dashboard viewers will be able to filter the information presented in charts and see the changes reflected right away.

Dashboards work separately from the original Reporting functionality, which you may also continue to use.

The Dashboard page consists of 2 panes: Dashboard Preview on the left and List of Dashboards on the right.

Once you have created the dashboards, they will appear in the right pane, newest on top. To preview an existing dashboard, select one from the list of dashboards, and it will appear in the Preview pane. The Preview Mode is not editable; to edit the selected Dashboard, click the Edit Dashboard button. To copy an existing Dashboard, click the Make a copy button. Please note that when you copy a Dashboard, its Publish settings will not be copied over. 

To remove a Dashboard, click Delete:

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Dashboard Design

Dashboard Filters

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Dashboards Use Case