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This page contains the description of all of the possible Form/Survey distribution methods which can be found on the Launch page.

If you are looking for a way how to launch your Form/Survey, please select it on the main page and click the Launch button:

Launch button can also be found on the ribbon toolbar of the Form/Survey Edit page.

On the Launch page you may find your form/survey general URL, select the preferred distribution method, and set form/survey availability settings:

The Master Link is a general link at which your form/survey is available. To submit a response, copy this link and paste it into your browser URL bar, or scan its QR code:

The link can be forwarded to respondents and allows submitting multiple responses. You can send it to respondents by various means: by emailing it from your own email client, by embedding it on your website, blog or application, by posting on Social Media, etc.
As this is the general link, the responses will be anonymous unless you add some questions to your form/survey, which will help you identify the respondents (for example, Name, Email, etc.).

To scan the QR code, click on the blue icon to expand the QR code.

You may choose one of the following options available for Master link:

  • Secure URL is the default link option, which uses the Secure connection and starts with the domain name.

  • Short Link is a version of the Master URL with an alternative domain name. When you select this option, a domain name in the link is replaced with kslink.me / eflink.me domain.

  • Custom is an advanced option. You can select this option if you wish to mask the domain name with your own custom one. Respondents will see a link with your custom domain and when they click on the link, they will be redirected to the Short Link. For instructions on how to generate a custom URL, please consult Customize URL help chapter.

  • With the release of version 8.20 of our application, Master Link options were significantly changed. For the detailed list of modifications applied, please visit the v8.20 Changelog page.

  • If you distribute your form/survey using Send email invitation with individual Survey links method, the general Master Link should not be inserted into the Invitation Email. Launch by Email will automatically generate a unique link for each respondent.

  • While taking the form/survey via Master URL the cookies are used to identify the respondents. Therefore, if you choose

Form/Survey availability settings

  • Set Start and End Dates Select the time range you want the form/survey link to be accessible. Please note, that the application uses the EST time zone by default, so if you need to convert your local time to EST, please refer to the Time Zones help chapter.
    Send alert when the Form/Survey expires Activate this option if you want to be notified before the Form/Survey expires. Click Edit Email to compose your alert message. Bear in mind that alert will be sent at midnight prior to expiration.

  • The Set response limit feature automatically closes the Form/Survey after it collects the specified number of completed responses.

The following distribution methods are available on the Launch page:

Publish to the User Portal and Mobile App

This option allows you to publish the forms/surveys to the Participant Portal. The responses may be collected on the Portal both in the online and offline mode.

You can send form/survey links via email using the application mailing system. This method is recommended when you need to provide an individual link to each respondent. Individual links are unique per email which helps to track respondents. You can enter email addresses manually, or by uploading a CSV file with respondents information. You may also launch the form/survey via email to people from the Contact Manager.

Use Passwords to Identify Users Accessing the Form/Survey

Use this launch method if you would like to distribute a general link to your form/survey and protect it with individual passwords. You will need to import the passwords along with any other respondent data into the system and let your respondents know which password they should use to access the form/survey.

Make this form a part of a task definition

To make the form a part of the Tasks workflow, the form needs to be attached to a task definition. By choosing this launch method, you may select one of the existing task definitions or create a new one from scratch and attach a form to it. Please note, that this distribution method is available for Linear and Custom form types only.

Embed the Form/Survey into your Website, Blog or Application

This distribution method allows placing a link to the Form/Survey on your website. Using the provided HTML code, you can add a form/survey link to your website as an iframe or a pop-up.

Distribute via Salesforce.com

Provides the capability to synchronize our application data between the form/survey and Salesforce.com objects as well as distributing forms/surveys with the help of Salesforce.com facilities.

Upload Responses

Allows you to upload responses to your form/survey by uploading a CSV file with data. This feature is used when you need to merge responses collected online with historical data or with data collected with other systems.