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You can send an email alert to survey respondents even if your survey has not been distributed via our mail system. You can ask respondents for their email address and email alert will be sent to that address.

When designing your survey consider the following steps:

  1. Set Email Alert to respondent in Email alert section of the form/survey. For more details, please consult Email alert help page.
  2. Add a question of the Single Line Text with Pre-Format Option type. In this question you should ask to enter email address.
  3. Click the Wrench icon on the right from the answer field in which respondents input email addresses, and check Respondent's email option:

    or Insert the <EMAIL_REPLY/> tag in the answer field where respondents input their emails. Please note that answers input mode must be switched to Standard:

After respondents submit their surveys, email alert will be sent to the email addresses they indicated.


  • You can use this option once in your form/survey.
  • If the Email alert to respondent has been set and your survey has been distributed via our mail system then email alert will be sent to the email address indicated within the question that contains <EMAIL_REPLY/> tag.
  • If respondents do not input email addresses into answer field with this tag they will not receive Email Alert.
  • Email Alerts are sent once the respondent has clicked the Submit button.