has become the enterprise utility of choice for designing, managing, and extending data collection and distribution throughout the enterprise. It is the first multi-purpose solution for all enterprise-wide data collection.

The application’s core data collection functionality and configurability makes it a modular extensible solution that can be mapped and deployed across multiple data sources, applications and channels.

Enterprise Solution Benefits

  • It's easy to use features an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Anyone in the organization can use it to create forms easily using a template or from scratch. In addition to its extensive templates library, lets you build and customize your own form libraries for use by various departments within the organization.

  • Deploy it instantly

Because it is an on-demand web-hosted application, may be deployed instantly within any system with access to a browser. There’s no software to download or install on the user end.

  • Everyone can use it provides a powerful form design and forms management solution for every organization department including human resources, IT, finance, procurement, sales, marketing, and customer service. Accessible via web browser, it can be deployed company-wide serving all of an organization’s national, regional and international offices.

  • Maximum interoperability

Designed as an all-purpose utility, helps you manage and deploy dynamic data collection across the entire enterprise regardless of platform, database or application. Even if your organization employs multiple applications from different suppliers running different operating systems, can provide a fully integrated data collection solution.

  • Data collection flexibility enables your organization to capture data regardless of where it resides or what format it may come in. Use this multi-mode data collection tool to collect web-based data, paper-based data, and data via fax, scanning, stand alone kiosks, PDAs, handhelds, or over the phone.

  • Replicate paper-based forms easily on the web lets you replicate the exact look and feel of all your organization’s paper-based forms on the Web.

  • Powerful API integration provides flexible configuration and true multi-vendor integration. Designed as a true component-based application, you can extend and configure any way you want. Leveraging the power of’s API library, you can route information to any other data repository in the enterprise for reuse.

  • True scalability is highly scalable. It can handle any number of users, any volume of forms, and any number of form responses. It easily meets your company's data collection requirements today and in the future.

  • Enterprise strength security lets you create a unique login and password for each user account or connect through your existing LDAP identity.

  • Manageability puts the administrator in complete control of all form creation and deployment.The master administrator can create unlimited sub accounts and define access levels for all users.

  • Powerful Reporting

Users have total control over form data and how it is presented. Multiple report formats can be created and customized in real time and accessed from any browser. Results can be displayed in both text and graphic format and exported to Excel, PowerPoint and other programs.

  • Workflow Alert includes automated and event driven capabilities so form responses can be real time. If certain answers are given to certain questions, an email may be automatically sent to a preset address — for instance, to your customer service team to respond immediately to unhappy customers.

  • SOA Compatible's service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach allows the enterprise to take data stored in any existing systems and populate any form or application. Our API enables a single instance of data collection to be reused throughout the organization.

  • No-risk Evaluation

Many enterprise customers come to us after experiencing our exceptional commitment to their success. A needs analysis and the scope of deployment will be the first item covered. Then specific functionality. There is no contractual commitment until you are sure we can fully meet your needs. Call us. We can help you.



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