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Surveys and Forms Setup


 Why are the drop down columns so wide?

The width of the dropdown column is equal to the number of characters in the answer option. If that is too wide for your browser/screen, try shortening the longest answer option.

 Is there a character limit for text fields?

By default there is no limit to single or multi-line text fields. Using a custom format, a limit can be placed on single line fields, but not multi-line fields.

 How can I remove the “Total” field from the Numeric Allocation question?

'Total' is a built-in field. If you don’t want it try the Single Line Text with Pre-Format Options question type.

 Do you have any sample questions for a survey?

Yes, we have various questions in the Question Library and users can copy any of them into their surveys and forms.

  1. Click Insert on the questions list page.
  2. Select 'Question from question library.
 Why did Quick Mode dissapear on the Question Edit page?

Quick Mode in the Answer options section may become unavailable either when your question has responses associated with it, or when you have applied Advanced Show/Hide logic to this question.

Logic and Workflow

 How can I copy a question to another spot of the survey?

Click the Copy button next to the appropriate question on the Edit Questions page and choose the place where to copy it.

 How can I copy multiple questions at once?

To copy multiple questions from another survey/form go to the Edit Survey/Form page and then:

  1. Click Insert.
  2. Click Copy questions from another form.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select the questions you want to copy.
 How can I copy a survey to another account?
If you would like to copy the survey to an account different from yours (not your sub accounts) send an email to with the request and we will do it for you.

Please make sure to send a request from the email address associated with the survey owner’s account, grant support access to the account and indicate the survey ID.

 Is it possible to create a quiz-survey and calculate the respondent's score?

Yes. Use the Branch on Range logic page to assign values to answers, and apply the Score Calculator Plugin to a Single line text question to calculate the score.

 How can I create page breaks between questions?

Go to the Edit Questions page and pick 'New Page' above the question you want to be the first on a new page.

 How can I remove the Back button from my survey?

To remove the button:

  1. Click Settings on the Ribbon Toolbar of the Edit Questions page.
  2. Uncheck 'Show back button' option in the 'Buttons' section.
  3. Save the changes.
 How can I upload responses collected via paper forms into my survey?

Use the Upload responses feature, which uses data entered into a .csv file.

Layout Design

 How can I set individual background color for each page?

Though there is not currently a feature to use a different background color for different areas or pages, it may be possible with some custom work. Please contact your account representative about that.

 How can I change the appearance of the Back, Next, and Submit buttons?

When editing the survey:

  1. Click Layout on the Ribbon Toolbar.
  2. Click Edit link under the thumbnail of the current layout.
  3. Switch to the Buttons tab. 
 How can I develop a  custom layout by myself?

If you are working on a linear form or survey,

  1. Click Layout on the Ribbon Toolbar.
  2. Click the Edit link under the thumbnail of the current layout on the next page.
  3. Switch to the CSS tab.
 How can I edit survey using CSS?

To edit survey's CSS

  1. Click Layout on the Ribbon Toolbar.
  2. Click the Edit link next to the layout you want to update.
  3. Navigate to the CSS tab.
  4. Customize the layout in the appropriate way.
  5. Save the changes.

Applying a style to the element will not affect other elements. To learn more read our CSS Guide.

 How can I reset the CSS to default?

Click Default on the bottom of CSS tab when editing the layout.

 Where can I find a color code that was used in my design?

You can see the code of the chosen color in the palette box on the Layout>Customized Layout>Styles page. Just pick the color you need and see the code in the appropriate field.

 How can I resize the logo?

After you have uploaded the logo image, drag the sizing handle at the bottom right to change its size.  

Alternatively, enter an exact width and height in the Image Size area.

 Can I add calendar/map to my question?

Yes, you can use Google Maps and Calendar plugins, found in the Visual and Interactive section.

 How can I add and audio/video to a survey?

To do this, go to My account=>Media Library and upload your audio or video. Once you select a file, copy its link on the right information pane.

When you have the link:

  1. Create a question in your survey.
  2. Click Insert/edit video on the WYSIWYG toolbar.
  3. Paste the link into the “Source” field.
  4. Click Ok and Save your question.
 Do you have any Survey templates?

To look through the library of the templates, go to the Surveys home page, and then:

  1. Click New on the Ribbon Toolbar.
  2. Choose  the Use a Template option in the Create pop-up window.
  3. Choose a Category.
  4. Choose a Template.
  5. Click Preview.


 How can I ensure the emails reach recipients?

To view the distribution statistics, go to the survey home page and then:

  1. Choose the appropriate survey.
  2. Click the Manage Responses link on the Survey Information pane.
 How can I send an email reminder?

Select the survey to send the reminders for and then click the Schedule Reminder link in the right pane.

Email reminders can be sent only to those respondents who did not complete the survey.

 How can I get a notification upon survey submission?

Go to the Edit Questions page and then:

  1. Click Email Alerts on the Ribbon Toolbar.
  2. Set up an Email Alert.

You will receive an alert when a new response is submitted.

 How to launch a survey to the same email address?

By default, only one email survey invitation is possible for each address. Multiple invitations can be sent to the same address using the Allow duplicate email addresses option on the Format Data File Page that you can set up for an email launch.

 How can I check if emails were successfully sent?

Select the survey and click the Manage responses link found in the right information pane. On the Manage responses page click the View details link. 

 Can I download a list of email addresses that the email invitation was sent to?

Yes, go to the Manage responses page and click the Download Status Report button. 

Publish a form or a survey on a website

 Can I publish a form/survey on my website?

Yes, the option to publish a form or a survey on your website is available on the Launch page.

 Can I import additional info about a website visitor into my survey or form?

Yes. URL import can be used to capture info from the survey/form link into one or more of the survey or form fields.

Respondents list

 Can I download a list of email addresses that the email invitation was sent to?

Yes, go to the Manage responses page and click the Download Status Report button.

 How can I delete/block a certain respondent/contact?

Go to the Contact page, and then:

  1. Select the checkbox to the left of the contact’s details.
  2. Click the Delete selected button under the list of email addresses.

Respondents experience

 How can I let respondents return and modify their responses?

To set up the feature:

  1. Click Settings on the Ribbon Toolbar.
  2. Pick 'Respondent May Return...' option under the When Respondent Attempts to Take the Survey a Second Time line.
  3. Save the changes.
 How can I redirect respondents to different websites based on their answers?

To set up the feature, go to the Edit survey page and then:

  1. Click Plugins on the Ribbon Toolbar.
  2. Click Add New Plugin.
  3. Expand the 'Logic, Quota and Randomization' category.
  4. Click Insert for Logical Redirect.
 How can I obtain the names of the respondents?

Use email distribution. It generates unique links for each respondent and allows to track them.

Alternatively add a question with 'Must answer' applied that would ask the respondents to identify themselves.

 How can I make all responses anonymous?

You can give out the Master Link instead of using email distribution.

Make sure there is no question that asks for identifying information.

If email distribution is to be used, select the Hide the respondents' email addresses in the reports option (note that the addresses will still be visible in the Dashboards).

It must be selected, right before you click the Send Email button each time you perform a launch.

 How can I encrypt the data?

Secure connection (SSL) is used to encrypt form/survey data. To make sure your Forms/Surveys links are secure, go to the Launch page to double check which type of the Master link is selected. Choose Secure URL which starts with https if another type has been selected previously.

The links of Standard reports inherit the Survey/Form Master link type. As for the Custom report, you can change the link type by going to the Report's Publish page and switching to the Default (Secure URL) link under step 1.

 How can I get a test link for the survey?

For using Test Email feature go to Launch > Send email invitation with individual Survey links > Edit Email and click the Test Email button.

You can also construct the Test Email link manually:

  1. Copy the Master link from the Launch page.
  2. Add ?TestMode=Yes to the end of the link.
 How can I “close” the survey?

 On the Launch page, you can activate the 'Set Start and End Dates' checkbox if it is not already, and change the End Date to something in the past.

 Can I prefill some fields of my form or survey with the participant’s information?

Yes, depending on the distribution method you can use either Autofill or Data Flow to prepopulate questions fields.

 Can respondents unsubscribe from my survey?

Yes, you can use the [REMOVE] tag to let invited people unsubscribe from your survey or form invitations.

 Is it possible to export the survey structure to PDF?

Go to the Edit Form/Survey page and click Print on the Ribbon toolbar. This will download a PDF file to your computer.

 How can I test my survey before launching it?

Use the Preview button on the Survey Edit page.

 Does WorldAPP help to create a website where users can login to take forms or surveys?

Yes, there is a Portal function that allows creating a custom web page protected with a login and password for each person from the client's contact list. Customers can publish multiple surveys and forms to the Portal.


Report Customization

 How can I set up filtering by a question?

Create a custom report to set a filter on the question that you are interested in. The report will include only responses that match the filter criteria. You can find the Filter button to the right of the question on the custom Report Items page.

 How can I spell check a report before publishing?

There not currently an option to spell check a report. However, most report items are created directly from survey questions. If you used the Spell Check button when creating/editing questions, you can be confident about the spelling in the matching report items.

 How can I include In Progress responses in report?

Go to the custom report edit page and then:

  1. Click the Settings button.
  2. Check the “In progress” checkbox under the 'Show in report' line.

Report Publishing

 How can I make a survey report available to multiple people?

Set up the report status to Public on the Reports > Items > Publish page. After that:

  1. Copy and paste the Report URL.
  2. Share it manually or set up the Email Report feature to have the application send it to those you like.
 Can I save the report as a .docx file?

Currently, there is no option to export the report in Word format. It can be exported to Excel, CSV, SPSS, XML or PDF formats only.

 How can I delete a response?

Go to the Survey tab and then:

  1. Select the survey.
  2. Click on the hyperlinked respondent number next to the 'Completed or In progress' line from the right-hand pane. Use the navigation controls near the top to find the desired response.
  3. Click Delete Response at the right corner of a report by respondent.
 How can I expand text responses in a report?

Check 'Show all text responses' checkbox at the top of the Report Items page.

 How can I keep the report results anonymous?

If you have not set up anonymous launch you can hide individual info from the report on the Report Items > Settings page.

 How can I hide some parts of the report from the respondents?

By default, the report is not shown to respondents. You can change that using the Show results to respondents options in the survey Settings.

This points to the Standard Report, which cannot be edited.

If you want to show respondents a custom report that hides some items, you can create that and copy the Report URL from its Publish page.

Then you can go back to the survey Settings and paste that URL into the Redirect Page field, after deactivating “Show results to respondents”.

 Why the report page says "You must log in to view this report"?

Go to the Report page and then:

  1. Select that report.
  2. Click Publish.

Check 'Public report' under the 'Report status' line.

 Can I email survey results to the respondent or another person?

Go to Actions and click the Email Alert button. This feature allows you to generate an email when a particular response is selected or entered. 

 Is it possible to create one report for several surveys?

Currently each report gets its results from just one survey. However, you can combine results by exporting them from the separate surveys and then importing them into the same survey.
To export responses, go to the Reports page, and

  1. Select the report.
  2. Click Export to CSV.
  3. Please be sure to check 'Export in format compatible with Upload responses' option.

To upload responses:

  1. Save the file with responses in CSV format with UTF-8 encoding.
  2. Select the survey you want to add the responses to.l
  3. Go to Launch >Upload responses.
  4. Choose your CSV file and click 'Import'.

Please note that this method requires the structure of the surveys to be identical. If they are not, some adjustments to the CSV file will be necessary before importing.

 How can I share the survey results with non-users?

You can export the report to PDF or Excel and share them.

 What does the “Click-through” number mean?

This indicates how many times the survey link has been opened by anyone, regardless of whether or not they started or completed the survey.

 Why can’t I delete survey questions/answer options or change the question type?

This is prevented when the question has been answered in responses. You can either delete those responses, or hide the original question and insert a new one.

Mobile Application
 What devices fit best with the mobile application?

Please check the list of recommended devices

 Where can I download the mobile application?

The mobile app is available on both App Store and Google Play.

 Why are there no forms available on a device?

There is no active survey published to the Contact who has logged in to the mobile app on that device.

 How do I create a mobile friendly design?

There is a Plugin on the Plugins page named Mobile friendly controls. It replaces all the radio buttons and checkboxes in the form/survey with touch- friendly controls.

 How do I attach a picture to  a response?

Create a “File Upload” question, which allows which allows respondents to submit files from a mobile device along with answers to survey questions.

 Does the mobile application synchronize the responses automatically?

Users can activate “Upload data when online”option in the mobile application's settings for automatic data upload.

 Does the mobile application work when there is no internet connection?

You can collect responses in the offline mode and upload them to the server when internet connection is available.

 Does WorldAPP have access to my data?

The accounts on our server can be accessed by those in our company with administrative authorization and your permission. If your information is extremely private and confidential, we do have the option of private label” accounts that are hosted on your own server.

 What if I forgot my login name/password?

Use the Forgot Password link on the login page and request a new temporary password.

 How can I change my login name/account email address?

Please update your contact information in the My Account > Profile area if you have not already done so.

Then, send an email request to from the updated contact email address noting the account's current LoginID, and desired new Login ID.

We will send email confirmation back to you when the change is made.

 Is there a limit to the number of of answer options/questions/surveys I can create or email invitations I can send?

In a subscribed account these features are not limited. A Trial account, however, is limited to 200 questions in a survey and sending 50 emails. Additionally, a Trial account can only report on the first 20 responses.

 What can I do when the login page says that my account is locked?

Contact our support team or your account manager.

 What is the difference between the Application User, End User and Portal Users?

There are three types of KeySurvey and users: application user, end user and portal user.

  • Application user is a person with an active KeySurvey or account that has permissions to manage surveys, forms and reports, to administer other users’s access to the account or application in general.
  • End user is a person who is provided with a direct link to participate in a survey or form.
  • Portal user is a type of end user who is given access to a special web page (Portal) where the user can participate in multiple forms and surveys.

To see the list of browsers recommended for usage for each type of users, please visit this page - Browser recommendations.

 How can I clear cookies and cache in browsers recommended for use with your app?
 For Internet Explorer 10 / 11
  1. Click on the Tools menu and choose Delete browsing history.
    If the menu bar is not visible, click the "gear" (Tools) button at the top right, expand the Safety submenu,
    and then choose Delete browsing history. Or use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
  2. In the Delete Browsing History dialog box, be sure that Preserve Favorites website data is not checked
    if Key Survey is in your Favorites.
  3. Also in the Delete Browsing History dialog box, be sure that Temporary Internet files and website files
    and Cookies and website data are checked. Click the Delete button.
  4. Exit (close all browser windows) and then restart Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect.
 For Internet Explorer 9
  1. Click on the Tools menu and choose Delete Browsing History.
    If the menu bar is not visible, click the "gear" (Tools) button at the top right, expand the Safety submenu,
    and then choose Delete Browsing History. Or use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
  2. In the Delete Browsing History dialog box, be sure that Preserve Favorites website data is not checked
    if Key Survey is in your Favorites.
  3. Also in the Delete Browsing History dialog box, be sure that Temporary Internet Files and Cookies
    are checked. Click the Delete button.
  4. Exit (close all browser windows) and then restart Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect.
 For Internet Explorer 8
  1. Click on the Tools menu or "shield" (Safety) menu button, and choose Delete Browsing History.
    Or use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Delete
  2. In the Delete Browsing History dialog box, be sure that Preserve Favorites website data is not checked
    if Key Survey is in your Favorites.
  3. Also in the Delete Browsing History dialog box, be sure that Temporary Internet Files and Cookies are checked. Click the Delete button.
  4. Exit (close all browser windows) and then restart Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect.
 For Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  1. Click the menu button on the right edge of the toolbar, click the History icon, and then choose Clear Recent History. Or use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
  2. In the Clear All History dialog box, set the Time range to clear dropdown to Everything.
  3. Also in the Clear All History dialog box, click the Details down arrow and activate the Cookies and Cache check boxes.
  4. Click the Clear Now button.
  5. Exit (close all browser windows) and then restart Mozilla Firefox for the changes to take effect.
 For Google Chrome (latest version)
  1. Click the menu (Customize and control Google Chrome) button on the right edge of the toolbar,
    expand the Tools submenu, and choose Clear browsing data.
    Or use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
  2. In the Clear browsing data dialog box, set the Obliterate the following items from drop down to the beginning of time.
  3. Also in the Clear browsing data dialog box, activate the Empty the cache and Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data check boxes.
  4. Click the Clear Browsing Data button.
  5. Exit (close all browser windows) and restart Google Chrome for the changes to take effect.
Information Security

Please, review our Security Fact Sheet to see all information regarding Hosting and Infrastructure of the platform, Data Security, System Stability, Assessment & Monitoring and WorldAPP security policies and certification.

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