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If you need to allow or restrict access to your survey or form based on the respondents' IP Addresses use "IP address access restriction" plugin.

The following parameters need to be indicated:

  1. *Allow/Prohibit Access - Choose whether you want to allow or prohibit access to your survey to the appropriate IP address or addresses.
  2. *IP Range - Indicate the IP range you want to allow or prohibit access for respondents whose IPs are within the indicated range. Use the following format x.x.x.x-y.y.y.y.



Allow/Prohibit: Allow
Ip Range:
Respondents whose IP address is within the - range are allowed to enter and submit their surveys. If respondent's IP address is out of range, for example -, the "Sorry! Your IP address does not seem to be in the allowed range" message will pop-up.
  • Parameters marked with * are required.
  • Autocomplete function allows you to enter references to survey or form questions faster and easier. After entering Q or Qx.A system will show you the list of available questions or answer choices. Picked element will be substituted by its sequence number within the survey.