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This article describes the Matrix question purpose, functions, Must Answer settings and its specific and additional settings. 


The Matrix questions allow you to get feedback on a number of different attributes associated with a product or service at the same time.

It allows you to gather information on these attributes by requiring the respondent to answer using numbers, text or by choosing from a dropdown box.

How to create this question type

      To insert this question type into the form:

      1.To add the first question to your form: click the +Add first question button to add this question type.

      2. To add a question to the already existing form: click the button on the Central panel, then select the question from the dropdown menu;

      3. Type your question text in the 'Enter text here' text box;

      4. Input the answer option text in the Empty label text fields or upload the answer options by importing form a .csv file; 

      5. Select a scale for your question using the drop-down box in the right panel. The Comments scale is selected by default.


   6. Customize the scale. You can change its headings and format. Once you customize more scales, you can select them in the drop-down box (see No. 5).

   There are 2 ways to edit scales:

  • Hover over a column header of a scale that you want to change, see the Settings icon and click on it to customize the scale.


  • Click the Customize button in the right panel.

Please read the Scale customization article to know how to edit scales. 

Matrix specific settings

You can use these settings to expand question functionality or make the user experience for your responders easier.

To add or delete a row:

Click on the three-dot icon and choose 1 of the 3 options from the dropdown menu.

Click the +Add row button under the rows.

To hide the scale header name from your respondents: 

Turn the Show column headings toggle off in the Column settings section on the right panel.

Click the PreviewTest Form button in the upper right corner to check the setting.

How to change the answer option order:

There are 2 options:

1. Drag and drop a row to change its position.

2. Type the number of an answer order;

Must answer settings

This question type has Basic Must Answer settings and Additional ones. 

Click here to read about the Basic Must Answer settings.

The Additional must answer settings for this question type include

1. Must answer all rows

Use this option if you want your respondents to rate all of the listed items. 

 Turn the toggle on in the right panel to answer all rows.

2. Mandatory answer options


Select this option to make only certain answer choices within a question mandatory to answer. 

 You can select more than 1 answer option.

  3. Must answer all fields

This option is used to make all items mandatory to answer.

 Choose one of the options from the dropdown menu in the right panel.

Additional question and answer option settings

This question type has more optional question and answers option settings.

Please read the articles for more details.

See the table of additional settings availability for all question types.

(info) Note:

You can delete answer options, questions, change a question type, etc. Please read the New form builder interface article for the information.