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The Key Survey Mobile and Mobile applications allow collecting data on a device that is not connected to the internet. A WorldAPP platform user who has an online Form/Survey can make it available for offline data collection.

A simple and detailed user manual is available here - Mobile application How-to




 Application use case:


 More about mobile application options:


 Functionality implementation webinars:


Offline application user guide

 Click here for more details:

Login instructions

By clicking on this link mobile application users will be redirected to the page with instructions on how to login to the mobile application.

Mobile application help

This is the help guide for mobile application users. Here you can find an information about how to work within the application. 

 & Key Survey Mobile and Desktop version 8.25

 Click here for more details:

The & Key Survey Mobile Application Guide consists of the following topics:

Devices Compatible with Mobile Application

 Click here for more details:

The / Key Survey Mobile applications are capable of running on multiple mobile operating systems and preferred web browsers:

  • iPhone, starting from iPhone 4S with iOS 9 and higher;
  • iPad, starting from iPad 2 with iOS 9 and higher;
  • Android phones and tablets with Android 5.1 and higher; Desktop application for Windows can run on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 10. Windows 8.1 RT is not a supported version.

The Web version of the Mobile app is accessible at and for Google Chrome and Safari browsers.

Application Installation and Upgrade

 Click here for more details:

The application can be downloaded to the device of your choice by using one of the links provided.










The Mobile

application can be installed on

the iPhoneiPad and iPod

from the iTunes App Store.


The Mobile

application can be installed on

 Android devices from the 

 Google Play Store.



The Mobile

application for Windows desktop

The Mobile

application for Windows desktop

Auto-update feature is disabled

Note: This version will overwrite any

version of an application installed earlier.









The Key Survey Mobile

application can be installed on

the iPhoneiPad and iPod

from the iTunes App Store.


The Key Survey Mobile

application can be installed on

 Android devices from the 

Google Play Store.


Windows Desktop application can be installed using Remote Administration Tool, however, you need to use the application directly on the computer, where it is installed.

To start collecting data Offline, please follow these steps:

 Click here for more details:
  1. Create web forms for Offline data collection.
  2. Create a Contact Manager with a list of Contacts, who should have access to the Portal.
  3. Adjust Portal Settings on the Portal tab.
  4. Publish your Forms to the Participant Portal.
  5. Download the Survey Mobile application for offline data collection from your mobile device or visit or for browser access.

When your forms are ready for data collection, you need to go to the Mobile App, enter Portal ID, Login, and Password of the Portal User to log into the application and see the list of forms and tasks, published for this user.
For more details please take a look at the Offline Application User Guide.

If you are using an outdated WorldAPP Offline application, and need to update to the latest version of the Survey Mobile application, you will be required to undergo a small transition procedure.

 Click here for more details:
  1. Synchronize your data in WorldAPP Offline before installing the Survey Mobile application.
  2. Log into your account once the Survey Mobile application is installed.
  • We strongly encourage the installation of Survey Mobile since it provides all the latest features available to users of the platform.
  • The WorldAPP Offline application will still be completely functional but not compatible with future improvements and functionality updates.
  • Please synchronize your data before logging into the Survey Mobile application instead of running the applications simultaneously since it may lead to data loss.



Offline Compatible Form and Survey Setup

 Click here for more details:

 The Survey Mobile application allows accessing and submitting Forms/Surveys offline. Before downloading the Forms/Surveys to the device, they should be created online with the use of the or Key Survey tool.

The Form/Survey administrator should:

  1. Login to or Key Survey online application.
  2. Press the New button from the Forms/Surveys home page.
  3. Select Survey(enhanced for offline support) or Linear Form and proceed with the design.

Once the Form/Survey has been created, the system will indicate if it is compatible with the Survey Mobile application. A green Available icon indicates that the Form/Survey can be accessed from the Survey Mobile application. A red Not available icon notifies that the Form/Survey is not compatible with offline mode.

In order for a Form/Survey to completely meet the mobile application requirements, certain limitations should be considered.

All the forms' themes, available by going to Edit Form page-> Layout are mobile friendly and will resize automatically to fit the device screen. However, we do not recommend to use large scales or a lot of columns in the questions of your offline forms/surveys, as this may cause a scrollbar to appear at the bottom.

In you use hyperlinks in the offline forms which are accessed from Mobile or Desktop applications, please keep in mind that:

  • Links without the target attribute e.g. <a href="">Hyperlinked text</a> will be opened in built-in browser.
  • Links with the attribute target="_blank" e.g. <a href="" target="_blank">Hyperlinked text</a> will be opened in system browser.

Unfortunately, there are certain features which are not accessible from the Survey Mobile application.

 Click here for more details:
  • Custom Forms from Trash folder (or forms deleted even after Trash)
  • Surveys with any type of Logic
  • 360 Surveys
  • Common-password Surveys
  • Show results to respondents
  • Redirect Page


Offline Plugin Compatibility

 Click here for more details:

The following Plugins can be used in Forms/Surveys which will later be accessed offline from the Survey Mobile application:
  • Create contact or custom data object*
  • Update contact or custom data object*
  • Respondent ID Saver*
  • Score Calculator*
  • External JDBC database writer*
  • Logical Data Sender*
  • Workflow*
  • Responses Signature*
  • Interactive Logic
  • Circular Progress Bar
  • Slider
  • Star Ratings
  • Calendar
  • Comment Box
  • Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Exclusive
  • Mobile friendly controls
  • Predictive Text Input
  • Score Calculator Offline
  • 3D Matrix Calculations


Plugins marked with * become functional once the results are uploaded to the server.

The application includes an indication of whether or not the Plugin is compatible with offline data collection. In case if Plugin is compatible with offline data collection, small picture of mobile phone with green plus sign will be shown close to "Insert" data. In other case, picture of mobile phone with red minus sign will be displayed. Example of compatible and non-compatible plugins showed on the image below.

 Click here to see an example:

Portal User Access Setup

 Click here for more details:

The Survey Mobile respondent database is based on the Contact Managers which have been created in a or Key Survey account.

A new Contact Manager can be created from the Contacts page by clicking the New button and selecting Contact Manager from the dropdown.

  1. Select the preferred creation method.

     Click here for more details:
    • The Create contact list by uploading file with data option allows creating and adding batches of contacts to the Contact Manager
    • The Create list by manually editing fields option allows creating Contact Manager fields manually.
  2. Create the necessary fields.

     Click here for more details:

    The Contact Manager must include the following mandatory fields:

    • Unique Key – which will be used to store the contact identifier, which must be unique to each participant.
    • Email Address – which will be used to store the participant's email address.
    • Login – which will be used to store the participant's Username for access to the Online/Offline Portal as well as the WorldAPP Survey Mobile application.
    • Password – which will be used to store the Password required for the participant to access the Online/Offline Portal as well as the WorldAPP Survey Mobile application.
  3. Select the field Format and indicate the field containing the Unique Key/Email.

     Click here for more details:

    Once you have added all of the necessary fields, specified the required format and assigned the mandatory fields - it would be best to indicate the Name Format.

    It will not be possible to change the Unique Key field once contacts are created in the Contact Manager.

  4. To view required details in the Assigned to column of the Tasks page, indicate the corresponding fields in the Name Format pop-up.

     Click here for more details:

    The Name Format is used to specify the format of the assignee name which will be visible to the you in the Assigned to: column of the Tasks page.

    Once the Contact manager fields have been specified and the Name Format set, press the Save button.

  5. Complete the profile data for each user.

     Click here for more details:

    In order to create additional contacts you can either manually input the details one by one or take advantage of the Import functionality.


If the required Contact Manager does not exist, it must be created by the Form/Survey owner or administrator.

Form or Survey Portal Access Setup

 Click here for more details:

A Form/Survey can be published to the Portal form the Launch page when accessed from the Survey user or administrator account.

  1. Open the Launch section of your form or survey.
  2. Indicate the Start and End Dates if required.

     Click here for more details:

    Once on the Launch page, you can also activate:

    • The Send alert when the Form/Survey expires to receive an email reminder of the expiry date.

    Edit the address and contents of the Email Alert which will be sent when the Form/Survey expires.

    If you wish to choose different dates when the Form should be visible on the Portal, you can indicate this on the Publish on Participant Portal page:

  3. Select the Publish to the User Portal and Mobile App distribution method.

     Click here for more details:

  4. Publish on Participant Portal.

     Click here for more details:

    Forms/Surveys can be published to the Participant Portal. This launch method is commonly used if you want your respondents to access all the forms published to them in one place.

    To launch a desired Form/Survey (enhanced offline support) to the portal, go to the Launch page and select the Publish to the User Portal and Mobile App option.

    1. Select the required Contact Manager from the dropdown. You can use only one Contact Manager per form/survey. This means that if you have already published the form/survey to people from one Contact Manager, you cannot publish it to people from another Contact Manager list.
    2. Click the Change the group of contacts button to add or remove contacts by adding the filter, which will determine who will see the form/survey on the Participant Portal. For more details consult the Contact Groups help chapter.

      a. By clicking Manage selected contacts, you may export the contacts to Excel or CSV and customize individual start and end date of the form for each participant.
      b. Auto Republish when contacts selection changes - this option enables automatic publishing of forms to the new contacts that match selected criteria, as well as removing access to forms ("un-publishing") for the contacts that no longer match the group filters criteria (due to filter or contact changes). 

      If  'Auto Republish when contacts selection changes' option is not checked, and the contacts' selection change manually after the form has been published to the Participant Portal, saving new Filters will republish the form to the new group of contacts. Any changes to the filters will not take effect until you click 'Save Filters'/ 'Save Filters and Republish' button.

    3. Click the Setup Data Flow button, apply field mappings and data flow direction, to prefill the form with the data stored in the contact manager or update selected contacts with the new information from the submitted response.  


      When respondents change their living address, job position, email and other personal details, you can update contact records with the up-to-date information. You can also prepopulate survey questions with the data from the Contact Manager. For more details consult the Data Flow chapter.
    4. Specify the number of responses you wish to collect from each respondent per form. Allocate the response modification rights (Edit completed, Copy, Delete completed) for users of the portal, which are also applicable to the users of the Mobile application.

      Please note, that if the portal user deletes his response on the Portal or Mobile App, it will also be removed from all form/survey reports upon synchronization.

    5. Indicate the Participant Portal display conditions by selecting the same dates when the survey is active or set custom dates to modify the availability period.
    6. Activate the send email notification to contacts when the form is published functionality if required.
    7. Click the Publish to Portal and Mobile Apps button to publish the Form/Survey.

      Once your survey is published to the Portal, the access to the form/survey via Master URL will be restricted to only those participants, who are logged on to the Portal.

    Back button takes you back to the form/survey Launch page.

Portal Mobile Access Setup

 Click here for more details:

 The Portal settings can be modified on the Portal page when accessed from the Survey user or administrator account.

The Portal can be customized with the following steps:

  1. When creating Contact Manager define the fields to be used for the Portal users authentication. These fields will be displayed on the Participant portal setting page, in the Authentication types section:

    In order to require a new password to be created for all existing or new respondents at the time of their first login activate the corresponding feature.

  2. Customize the Portal look based on your requirements.

    1. Click the Add portal logo button to upload your Portal logo or select necessary file from media library.

    2. Click Yes, change the colors button to adjust the color scheme automatically. Do not change the colors if you would like to select portal colors manually.

  3. Change the names of "Forms" and "Tasks" tabs that appear in the mobile applications if necessary.

  4. Create additional links which will be displayed under the menu dropdown:
  5. If you would like to translate a portal/mobile application interface into multiple languages, create a language column or select existing one.
  6. Limit the data stored in the mobile app to a set time period. Response may be deleted from the device either immediately upon upload to the server or after specified number of days after upload, or stay on the device forever.
  7. Allow or restrict portal users to pin responses and tasks. Once a response is pinned, its data with attachments will never be removed from the mobile device. The pinned response will be placed at the top of the list and all pinned responses will be sorted by submit date.
  8. Indicate the time period you wish for the Portal to be accessible to the respondents.

  9. For In progress responses and "Open" tasks specify whether attached files should be downloaded back to the mobile device or not.

To login to the Survey Mobile application, the participants must be provided with the Portal ID, as well as their Login and Password.

Participant Mobile Access Instructions

 Click here for more details:

Run the Survey Mobile application on your device and indicate the login credentials. The login details should be provided to participants by a Form/Survey owner. Once logged in, the users are able to download accessible Forms and Surveys, submit responses, upload collected data to the server and carry out tasks assigned to the user. To log in next set of actions should be executed:

  • Type in the Server link which you are attempting to access (, or other link to access a custom solution)
  • Specify the Portal ID.
  • Indicate the Login.
  • Enter the Password.

     Forgot your password?

    In case you forgot your password, click on the Forgot your password? link.

    In order to receive a temporary password you will be required to input:

    • The Server link which you are attempting to access.
    • The Portal ID of the Portal you wish to access.
    • The Username which is associated with the password you wish to reset.


Participant Mobile Application Functionality 

 Click here for more details:

 The user interface of the Survey Mobile application includes the following features:

  1. The Menu button.

     Click here for more details:

    The Menu button indicates the number of responses as well as task modifications which are currently stored on the device and have not yet been uploaded to the server.

    The Menu provides the following options:

    • The Synchronize option to update Forms and Tasks on your device and upload collected data to the server.

    • The Download option only downloads any new and updates existing Forms/Surveys if any changes were applied by the Form/Survey owner. 

    • The Upload option indicates the number of collected responses and sends collected data to the server when pressed.

    • The Settings option brings you to the details of the application version. Here you can see the last upload date and time and you can activate the automatic data upload to the server.


    • Switch the Upload data when online On and the application will upload collected data to the server automatically when your device connects to the internet.

       Click here for more details:

      Automatic data upload takes place when users launch the application on a mobile device and then updates every five minutes. If a user has saved changes to responses and an internet connection is available, the changes will be uploaded before the five minutes period expires. The application should be active, i.e. on the screen, in order the automatic upload to work. If the user leaves the application or launches some other application, the next automatic upload will work immediately after the user returns to the Survey Mobile application. Last upload information will not be updated on the screen during auto upload. The user should navigate to another screen and then return to see that information regarding the uploaded data. The Forms/Surveys owner can see the data right after it has been uploaded.

    • Force Full Sync option can trigger manual Full Synchronization of the Mobile App. Since the release of version 8.18 of our application, the Mobile App uses Incremental Sync, which significantly improves the sync speed by downloading only new or changed forms, tasks and data models from the server instead of always downloading all data for the user. Full synchronization is also performed after application or server updates. 

    • The Logout option allows the user to properly exit the Survey Mobile application.


  2. The Forms tab.

     Click here for more details:

    Available forms and surveys are listed on the left side of the screen. Tap on a Form/Survey name to select it. Once you collect responses to the selected Form/Survey the collected responses will be visible on the right side of the screen.

    Information available about a response:

    • New Response - the date and time inform users of when the response was created.
    • Date and time under the New Response - informs of the date and time when the response was last modified.
    • In Progress status - means that the Submit button was not pressed to complete the response. A user can save partial responses by clicking Save and/or Next button on the Form/Survey.
      • The Completed status means that the response was submitted.
      • The Uploaded status informs that the response was uploaded to the server
      • The Changed after sync status informs the users that the response was modified on a device after the original response was uploaded to the server.
    • Pinned response - Once a response is pinned, its data with attachments will not be removed from the mobile device. The pinned response will be placed at the top of the list and all pinned responses will be sorted by submit date. All of them marked with a pin mark next to the status.

    A response can be copied by tapping the Copy button which is located on the right of a stored response.

    Moreover, the response can be modified by tapping on the desired one.


    Following options will become available once a response has been selected:

    • View - Opens the response for a view.
    • Copy - Copies the submitted response.
    • Delete Permanently - Deletes the response from the device.
    • Pin - Allows to pin responses.
    • Upload - Uploads the collected response data to the server from the device in use.
  3. The Tasks tab.

     Click here for more details:

    The Tasks tab contains the following functionality:

    1. My Tasks tab.

       Click here for more details:

      The My Tasks tab provides the following features:

      • Viewing and modifying the Task by clicking on the Name of the associated Task.

         Click here for more details:


        The following options will become available once a Task has been selected:

        • View form - allows reviewing filled form if it is attached to a task.
        • Reassign - allows reassigning the Task to another assignee.
        • Change status - allows changing the Status of the Task.
        • Change Due Date - allows changing the Due Date of the selected Task.
        • Pin - allows pinning a task. Once the task is pinned, its data will never be removed from a mobile device.
        • Upload - uploads the modified task details to the server.
      • Changing the Task Status by tapping the Change Status button located to the right of the associated Task.

      • Selecting and modifying multiple tasks by tapping on the Checkbox on the left of the associated Tasks.

         Click here for more details:

        The following options will become available once required multiple Tasks have been selected:

        • Reassign - allows selecting a contact to reassign multiple Tasks.
        • Change Due Date - allows specifying a due date for multiple Tasks.
        • Change Status - allows changing the status of multiple Tasks.

      The Task modification option availability is subject to change once the corresponding Responsible Party Permissions are allocated to the user.

    2. Task Management tab.

       Click here for more details:

      The Task Management tab provides the following features:

      • Viewing and modifying the Task by clicking on the Name of the associated Task. Multiple Tasks can be modified by pressing on the checkboxes on the left of the name.

         Click here for more details:

        The following options will become available once a Task/Tasks have been selected:

        • Reassign - allows reassigning the Task to another assignee.
        • Change Due Date - allows changing the Due Date of the selected Task.
      • Selecting and modifying multiple tasks by tapping on the Checkbox on the left of the associated Tasks.

         Click here for more details:

        The following options will become available once required multiple Tasks have been selected:

        • Reassign - allows selecting a contact to reassign multiple Tasks.
        • Change Due Date - allows specifying a due date for multiple Tasks.

      The Task Management tab becomes available once the corresponding Task Manager Permissions are allocated to the user.

    3. Table/List view.

       Click here for more details:

       Allows sorting the Tasks by clicking the column headers when the Table view is activated.

    4. Show Filters button.

       Click here for more details:

      The Filter functionality allows to view the Tasks that only fit the following selected criteria:

      • Hide Closed & Uploaded - removes the Closed & Uploaded Tasks from the list when activated.
      • Status - displays only the Tasks which match the specified Status.
      • Assigned to - displays only the Tasks which match the specified assignee.
      • Due date is after/Due date is before - displays only the Tasks which match the specified Due date time frame.

      The Assigned to feature is only applicable to the Task Management tab.

    An Export feature will be available to the users which have accessed their Portal via the Desktop or Browser. It will allow the user to export the tasks which satisfy the current filter or search condition.

     Click here for more details:

    The Export feature is located to the left of the Table/List button.



    The file will contain the following structure:

    1. The first row should contain the labels for each column.
    2. Each row in the exported file represents a task.
    3. The file contains the following columns:
      • Summary.
      • Description.
      • Status - a text value of the task's current status.
      • Responsible Party - the name of the person to whom the tasks is currently assigned to.

        The Name Format will be exported in accordance with the Name Format selected on the Edit Fields page of the associated Contact Manager.
      • Due date - the assigned due date of a task.

        The column will only be present if the task definition has an assigned due date.

      • Custom properties - the values of a custom property. The custom properties will be exported in the order they are placed on the Task Management page. 

        The label for the column will be the name of the custom property.

        • Only the properties that are configured to be visible in the Task Management tab can be exported from the portal.
        • All custom properties can be exported from the admin page.
      • Response link - a link to a Report by Respondent in the administrator mode.

        • The column is only displayed for tasks which have forms attached to them.
        • The Report by Respondent will include all hidden questions.

    The Export feature is only available to users with Task Management permissions and administrators.

  4. The Search field.

     Click here for more details:

    The Search field can be used to search by response labels on the Forms tab and by tasks labels on the Tasks tab.

  5. The +Add New button.

     Click here for more details:

    The +Add New button opens the selected Form/Survey for response submission.


  • The Username and Password should be specified in the Contact Manager for each participant by the forms/surveys owner.
  • Also, the Contact Manager fields that contain the username and password should be selected on the Participant Portal settings page. 
  • The forms owner can find the six-digit Portal ID on the Portal Settings page under the selected Contact manager in the online application account or at the end of the Portal Offline URL. 

Backup and log files instructions

 Click here for more details


 How to get application logs

 To extract an application log, please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your device to PC.
  2. Open iTunes to synchronize data. If you don't have iTunes installed on your computer, click here to download an installer for the latest version.
  3. Backup your device by switching to the device's tab in iTunes and clicking on the Back Up now button. Confirm the back up in the pop-up dialog that appears next.
  4. Once the backup is complete, open the iExplorer application to locate the backup data file. Click here to download and install the latest version of iExplorer (the download will start automatically upon clicking the link)
  5. Follow this path to locate the file: iExplorer\[YOUR DEVICE NAME]\Backups\Backup Explorer\AppDomain-com.form.offline\Documents (you can paste this path into the iExplorer address bar and type in your device name)
  6. Right click on the Documents folder and select "Export to folder" to save it on your PC.
  7. Once done pack this folder with any available file compressor and email it to  or upload it here:
  8. Log file can be found under the Documents folder: iExplorer\ [YOUR DEVICE NAME]\Apps\\Documents\LogOffline.log
 How to get a crash log

To extract a crash log from your device, please follow the instructions below:

If you have iOS 10.3 or later:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy, scroll down and tap Analytics. Then tap Share iPhone Analytics.

  • Tap Analytics Data to find the necessary log for the crashed application. The logs will be named in the following format: <ApplicationName><DateTime><DeviceName>.
  • Select the log, and copy its entire text.
  • Paste copied log text to an e-mail and send it to

If you have iOS 8, 9, iOS 10 to iOS 10.2:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage and select Automatically Send or Don't Send.
  • Tap Diagnostics&Usage Data to find the necessary log for the crashed application.
  • Select the log, copy its entire text to an e-mail and send it to

Alternatively, you may locate crash logs on your PC.

 Click here for more details:

 A device that is synced with iTunes stores its crash logs on the machine. Depending on the OS, here are the locations where you can find crash logs:

Operating System


Mac OS X:


Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\<DEVICE_NAME>

Windows Vista or 7

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\<DEVICE_NAME>

When you experience a Mobile App crash, you can sync your device with iTunes, go to one of the above locations (depending on your OS), download the crash logs and email them to


 How to get logs from Android OS
  1. To get the mobile application's log files you need a files explorer application installed on your Android device. Use Play Market to select an application (ES File Explorer, for instance) and download it to your device.
  2. Launch the application and open Internal storage of your device:

  3. Find the Android folder and open it:

  4. Open the Data folder and find the com.form.offline folder:

  5. Tap on the Cache folder to open it:

  6. Scroll to the bottom of a screen, find the LogOffline.log file, select it and send to


  1. Connect the device to a computer. Don't forget to select the files transfer mode on the device so that computer can access the data on it. 
  2. Open the Internal storage of the connected device on your computer and locate the Android folder.
  3. Log file of the application can be found here: Computer\[DEVICE NAME]\Internal storage\Android\data\com.form.offline\cache\LogOffline.log


 How to get logs for Windows Desktop App:

Logs for the Desktop App are stored in the WorldAPPDesktop folder, which can be accessed by the following path:


There you may find the Logs Subfolder, or retrieve the LogOffline.log by going to:



Mobile app launch from external sources

 Click here for more details:



Using the integration scheme described on this page, you can easily call Survey mobile or Windows desktop app from any external source - website or another application. Along with that you can pass a set of parameters and open a form on a mobile application with pre-filled data. Survey application external launch may be implemented using two schemes supported by iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems:

  • If universal links are supported, users can tap a link on a website or in another application and get redirected to Survey application if it is installed on a device. Otherwise, users will be prompted to download and install the app.

  • Although this is the legacy scheme for older OS versions (iOS 8.0, Android 4.4.1), it is still supported and widely used. This method has lower minimal system requirements but is lacking system feedback when the application is not installed. If your respondents use both Mobile apps and Windows Desktop app, it is preferable to use this scheme, as you will need to compose only 1 link. 

 Custom linksUniversal links
PlatformsiOS 8.0/Android 4.4.1/Windows 7, 10iOS 9.0 or higher/Android 6.0 or higher

Chrome(v 54 or higher) - desktop and mobile / Safari mobile/ MS Edge/ MS IE9 and higher

Internet connectionOnline/Offline

URL Template and Pre-Populating Parameters

Below are the templates for the URL that should be created on your end and added to the external application/website code for Survey mobile app to be launched. These links may also include custom URL Import parameters to prefill application fields and form questions.

  • Universal link (HTTPS URL Structure)


Example for HTTPS URL for Android and iOS:

  • Custom Scheme URL Structure


Example for Custom Scheme URL for iOS, Android and Windows 7/10:

Parameters used in the link:

  • scheme_type - Universal (https) or custom links scheme
  • register_domain -, for and Keysurvey applications respectively
  • server, portal, form -  Server URL, Portal ID and Form ID that should be opened
  • import_param_prefix - Static system parameter to identify the start of custom parameters list. The value for this parameter is ‘?LQID=1’
  • param_1=value_1; param_2=value_2 - Parameter ID that will be assigned to a particular question inside the form and the value that should be pre-populated to this question or answer option to be selected.


  • You must not use the following values as parameter names:  onunload, validateTime, ARGS, LQID, i_n_f, Dir, surveyID, CharsetLine, goNextPage.y, goNextPage.x, RID, SID, RespondentID, pwd, pwd2, ALL_QIDS, EMAIL, WebPoll, SFObj, SFObjID, integrationSurveyID, ALL_COLUMNS, ALL_QUESTIONS, dispLinkId, globalFormID, logicPluginMenu, rspEmailAddress, startTime, VMOD
  • Currently the Tasks and Forms attached to the Task Definitions cannot be launched externally using Custom or Universal link schemes.