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If you purchase a multi-user license you have following administrative rights:

  • Creation and administration of sub-user accounts: adding sub-users, control over the amount of credits available to sub-users, suspending sub-users' accounts.
  • Access to reports on sub-users' surveys: administrator can create a report on any survey from any sub-user account and then view it.
  • The surveys created on your master account can be available to sub-users as templates.
  • The surveys designed on any of sub-accounts can be copied to your Master account and thus can be available to other sub-users as templates.

Surveys, that are created within the Master Account can be used as a templates in sub-accounts. To create a template follow next steps:

  1. From the Master account create new Survey.
  2. Add or modify questions, customize layout.
  3. Go to the Administration section from the main navigation menu at the top and select the Show our Templates option for appropriate sub-account.
  4. This survey and other surveys from the Main account are now available to other sub-users when they design a new Form/Survey from a template.


The following functionality requires the purchase of a multi-user license.


Create a New Account

 Click here for more details:

If you have Multi-user License you need to follow these steps.

  1. When logged in to your account click the Administration button at the top. Be aware, that this option is available for master account holder only.

  2. Click the New Sub-Account button.
  3. Fill out the form on the New Sub-Account page.
  4. Click Save to submit new account information.
  5. Click Cancel to cancel new account creation.

The Back button takes you back to the previous page.

If a Sub-user and a contact of the Contact manager created in the same Master account have identical credentials(login and password), then the users are linked in our platform and these credentials might be used both for a logging to Survey and to the respective Participant Portal.

  • The following functionality requires the purchase of a multi-user license.
  • The number of sub accounts that can be added to your multi-user account cannot exceed your user license limit.

Subaccount Management

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The administration page contains the following controls:

Annual subscription expires on Shows the date when your subscription will expire.

Maximum number of accounts allowed Shows how many accounts you are allowed to create.

Respondents total Shows how many respondents were collected by your personal master account.

Total credits used Shows how many credits you have used.

Total credits still available Shows how many credits are left on your account.

Name Names of existing sub users are listed here.

Login Logins of corresponding sub users are indicated here.

Credits Available Consult this column to see how many credits are available for each corresponding sub user. Click the hyperlink to change the amount of credits for the corresponding sub user.

Respondents Total Consult this column to see how many credits were used by corresponding sub user.

Suspend User Select this check box to deny access to corresponding sub account.

Show our Templates Select this check box to make templates available for corresponding sub user. This right allows the sub user to use administrator's forms as templates when using New->Use a Template form creation method. If checked, the sub user will see an additional category called 'Templates by Administrator'.

Launch approval required Select this check box to allow corresponding sub user launch her survey.

Allow to use Theme Library Select this option to allow sub users apply available themes to their surveys.

Click the New Sub Account button to add new user account.



  • The following functionality requires the purchase of a multi-user license.
  • Subaccounts are listed in alphabetical order.