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During September of 2020 have unveiled a completely new, redesigned version of the Online Portal. 

The functionality of the portal is kept essentially the same; however, the new design is aimed at improving user experience when accessing, searching or modifying published forms, tasks and dashboards.

Portal Overview:

The portal window includes the top and left side navigation panes, the central content area, and the right pane that shows detailed information for the selected element. 

Navigation Pane:

  • The left side pane includes:
  • The logout button for portal users;
  • The tabs for the Forms, Tasks and Dashboards screens. These tabs may have different names if specified by the portal admin;
  • The language switch button;
  • The custom links button;
  • Return to the Classic Portal view (if applicable).
  • the link to this User Guide.

Navigating the Portal

Use the hamburger menu button in the top left corner of the screen to expand or collapse the left side pane. The panel automatically collapses or expands when you hover over it.