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You can extend the capabilities of the platform using the on-demand functionality of our plugins. 

We built the plugin library to meet some specific data management needs and make it easier to build forms and automate tasks. 

Please the article to know how to insert plugins into your form.

The table below presents plugin groups that can be applied to the form.

Plugin Group Explanation

Data Object Management Plugins

This category extends the Contact Manager and Data Model functionality to make it more flexible and automated. 

IP Address Tools Plugins

This category extends the form functionality by providing respondent access-based features.

Logic, Quota, Randomization Plugins

Plugins from this section allow to create question sections and randomize them, as well as redirect respondents to the other form or some external link based on their answers or respondents quota.

Misc Plugins

This category contains plugins that cover wide range of specific tasks.

Respondent Registration and Authentication Plugins

Plugins of this category are used to apply registration and authentication methods to your form.

Visual and Interactive Plugins

This category contains plugins for visual and interactive survey enhancements.

Workflow Plugins

This category plugins are used to perform Workflow operations. You can send data between Forms.

Report Plugins

This category contains plugins that provide additional Report functionality.

Contact Manager Plugins

This category contains plugins that provide additional Contact Manager and Portal functionality.

By clicking on the appropriate section's name you will be redirected on the page with the list of all available plugins in the section.