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Forms/Surveys can be published to the Participant Portal. This launch method is commonly used if you want your respondents to access all the forms published to them in one place.

To launch a desired Form/Survey (enhanced offline support) to the portal, go to the Launch page and select the Publish to the User Portal and Mobile App option.

  1. Select the required Contact Manager from the dropdown. You can use only one Contact Manager per form/survey. This means that if you have already published the form/survey to people from one Contact Manager, you cannot publish it to people from another Contact Manager list.
  2. Click the Change the group of contacts button to add or remove contacts by adding the filter, which will determine who will see the form/survey on the Participant Portal. For more details consult the Contact Groups help chapter.

    a. By clicking Manage selected contacts, you may export the contacts to Excel or CSV and customize individual start and end date of the form for each participant.
    b. Auto Republish when contacts selection changes - this option enables automatic publishing of forms to the new contacts that match selected criteria, as well as removing access to forms ("un-publishing") for the contacts that no longer match the group filters criteria (due to filter or contact changes). 

    If  'Auto Republish when contacts selection changes' option is not checked, and the contacts' selection change manually after the form has been published to the Participant Portal, saving new Filters will republish the form to the new group of contacts. Any changes to the filters will not take effect until you click 'Save Filters'/ 'Save Filters and Republish' button.

  3. Click the Setup Data Flow button, apply field mappings and data flow direction, to prefill the form with the data stored in the contact manager or update selected contacts with the new information from the submitted response.  


    When respondents change their living address, job position, email and other personal details, you can update contact records with the up-to-date information. You can also prepopulate survey questions with the data from the Contact Manager. For more details consult the Data Flow chapter.
  4. Specify the number of responses you wish to collect from each respondent per form. Allocate the response modification rights (Edit completed, Copy, Delete completed) for users of the portal, which are also applicable to the users of the Mobile application.

    Please note, that if the portal user deletes his response on the Portal or Mobile App, it will also be removed from all form/survey reports upon synchronization.

  5. Indicate the Participant Portal display conditions by selecting the same dates when the survey is active or set custom dates to modify the availability period.
  6. Activate the send email notification to contacts when the form is published functionality if required.
  7. Click the Publish to Portal and Mobile Apps button to publish the Form/Survey.

    Once your survey is published to the Portal, the access to the form/survey via Master URL will be restricted to only those participants, who are logged on to the Portal.

Back button takes you back to the form/survey Launch page.

The current page contains the following topics:

Send email notification to contacts when the form is published

 Click here for more details:


This feature should be used if you wish to notify the respondents when a form/survey is published on the Participant Portal.

To set up an email notification which will be sent once the form/survey is published to the portal, please follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Launch-> Publish to the User Portal and Mobile App, check the box next to '' option, and click 'Edit Email'.
  2. Indicate the From and Send reply to address for your email. The default address is the email address of your account. You may also write your name along with the email address in the following format: [John Smith] or John Smith<>.
  3. Write the subject for your email in the Subject field.

    Make sure the Subject field does not contain brakes. It is not recommended to copy/paste Subject from external sources. These actions may corrupt your notification email.

  4. Click the Attach Files link to attach a document to your email. You can attach more than one file, but the total size of all uploaded files should not exceed 4 MB.

  5. Use the following options to set the email priority:

    • Normal is commonly used if no priority stressing is needed. This is the default option.
    • Select High to stress on the priority and importance of your email notification.

    If you want to be notified when respondents receive your notification email select the Request return receipts option.

  6. Use a WYSIWYG editor to create and format your content. Like word processors, the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor is equipped with a full text-editing interface;

  7. The email body field contains placeholder text, which you should remove and provide your own text of the notification email.

     You can use the following tags in the body of your notification email:
    • [ONLINE_PORTAL] to insert the online portal link.
    • [USERNAME] to insert the user login.
    • [CM:x] to personalize email with the information from the Contact Manager. Just replace x with the desired Contact manager field name.
    • [REMOVE] to allow recipients to unsubscribe from emails.

    You may also use the tags below to insert the link to the form/survey or a hyperlinked name/title, however, by pressing those links, the respondent will be redirected automatically to the Online portal, and will need to provide his portal credentials to access the form.

    • [S] to insert the survey name as a link;
    • [S_text] to insert the survey name as a text;
    • [ST] to insert the survey title as a link;
    • [ST_text] to insert the survey title as a text;
    • [URL] to insert hyperlinked web URL of the survey;
    • [URL_text] to insert web URL of the survey as a text.

    The detailed information about all email tags can be found in Email Body Text help chapter.

  8. Click the Spell Check button to check the spelling of all the input text on this page.
  9. Click Save to save your email settings.

When composing your notification email, feel free to use our HTML Guide.

Please note, that the email notification will go out to contacts when an active form (or the form that will become active in the future) is published. If the form/survey has expired, and an inactive form is being published to the portal, this form will not appear on the portal and thus notification email will not be sent.