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Using the Question Identifier, you can assign a custom name or number to a question on the Edit Single Question page:

For instance, "MaxBenefitPeriod_week" might be set as a question identifier for the question from the screenshot above. This identifier may further be used instead of standard question number:


  • Question identifiers must be unique within one form/survey.
  • The first symbol of the question identifier cannot be numeric.
  • Identifiers cannot contain Qx characters (where x is a number).
  • Identifiers cannot be identical to the logical operators or system keywords, such as AND, OR, NOT, LIKE, RLIKE.
  • If you are calculating a score in your form/survey by using Calculated Value functions SCORE or MAX_SCORE, please do not use the same keywords (SCORE, MAX_SCORE) as question identifiers, as this will interfere with the system behavior.