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Questions of this type are used to get respondent feedback on different statements or evaluation of different products, features or services.


This question type allows you to have a choice of different scales to choose from or you can design a scale of your own.

In a survey this type of question might look something like this:

Additional Answer Option Features

  • It is possible to pre-populate the survey with the data captured from a form/survey URL by applying URL Import feature. 
  • It is possible to create sub headers out of certain answer options by applying the Sub Header feature.
  • It is possible to limit the number of responses by applying the Quota feature.
  • It is possible to limit the respondents which select a certain answer option by applying the Block feature.
  • It is also possible to apply an Answer Identifier to the answer option.
  • The New line link allows you to add a new answer line in the Standard mode if needed.
  • The up and down arrow buttons allow you to move your answer choices up and down the list in the Standard mode.
  • The delete button removes the answer choice from the question in the Standard mode. A yellow-colored button means that you are not allowed to delete this answer option because you have respondents who have answered it.
  • It is possible to apply Respondent must check feature which requires a certain amount of answer options selected by the respondent.


To insert the following question type into the Form/Survey:

  1. Press the New Question button, then select Add question from scratch by clicking on the arrow from the Form Edit page when applied to a Form.
    Press the Insert button, then select New Question from the Surveys > Edit page when applied to a Survey.

  2. Use the Please select a question type drop-down box to select Rate different items along the scale of your choice.
  3. Once the scale has been selected, upload the answer options by importing form a .csv file or input your question text in the Write your question below text box.
  4. Select a rating scale using the Choose your scale below drop-down box. Click the Customize button to create a new scale or display detailed list of available scales. See the Customize scale help chapter for additional details.
  5. Enter the objects to be rated in the List the products, features or services that you want rated along a scale single line text fields.
  6. Use the Show/Hide on condition option if you want to show or hide particular answer choices depending on the respondent's answers to the previous questions.
    For details on using this feature, consult the Advanced Show/Hide help chapter.
  7. Mode: Standard\Quick Select the Standard mode to input each item in a different line or the Quick mode to input all the answer choices into the text box separating the choices by hitting the Enter key after each item.

Click Cancel to go back to the survey editing page without saving changes.

Click Save and New to save your question and start creation the next one right away.


Additional Information

Click the Toggle WYSIWYG Editor button to switch between simple editing and WYSIWYG mode.
If composing in a simple mode you can use HTML. If using the WYSIWYG editor you can easily apply advanced text formatting along with inserting links and graphics to the text.

Add Image option allows you to add image(s) to your question.

Email Alert To option allows you to get/send an email notification right after the respondent submits the survey and has answered a question with a particular answer. For details consult the Email Alert help chapter.

Click Spell Check to check the spelling.

Click Preview to see what your question looks like.

Question Analysis Code is used for the statistic analysis purposes. For example, to track the responses for questions with the same code across different surveys.

 More details:

Using the Question Analysis Code utility, you can specify the analysis code on the Edit Single Question page, and then export it into XML, Excel, CSV for the statistical analysis purposes.

For example, to track the responses for questions with the same code across different surveys.

Question Identifier is used to assign custom names to questions and answer options. It can be used as piping reference, in logic rules and exported along with reports.

 More details:

Using the Question Identifier, you can assign a custom name or number to a question on the Edit Single Question page:

For instance, "MaxBenefitPeriod_week" might be set as a question identifier for the question from the screenshot above. This identifier may further be used instead of standard question number:


  • Question identifiers must be unique within one form/survey.
  • The first symbol of the question identifier cannot be numeric.
  • Identifiers cannot contain Qx characters (where x is a number).
  • Identifiers cannot be identical to the logical operators or system keywords, such as AND, OR, NOT, LIKE, RLIKE.
  • If you are calculating a score in your form/survey by using Calculated Value functions SCORE or MAX_SCORE, please do not use the same keywords (SCORE, MAX_SCORE) as question identifiers, as this will interfere with the system behavior.

  • If you need to have rated objects both on the left and on the right of the scale, separate rated objects in single line text fields with three vertical bars. For example, Men|||Women, Boys|||Girls.
  • The Hide scale option allows you to hide the headers of the selected scale.
  • The Absolute ranking option allows you to rate items using each rating only once.