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Form.com is a data collection platform that is used to create inspection forms, feedback gathering surveys, applications, compliance and training programs, tests, and many other data gathering solutions for IT. Our platform features a user-friendly interface to serve the needs of everyone in your company. You have total control over application accounts. You can manage account rights and other settings. Once the form is created it can be deployed through the Form.com mobile app or via the web. A customizable reporting module is available to analyze and drill down into the collected data. Users can work with reports online or export data sets.

Form.com can be hosted on our secure servers or yours as an Enterprise Solution, or delivered fully configured and pre-loaded on a standalone server. Data is completely safe whether stored on your server or ours.

Our platforms offers the option of using secure SSL encryption. Administrative controls allow you to define and restrict employee access rights.

Form.com puts the administrator in complete control of all survey creation and survey deployment. The master administrator can create unlimited sub accounts and define access levels for all users.

The chapter leads to all help articles dedicated to the Self-Host Administration guide.

Article Description 

Enterprise Solution Benefits 

The article presents Form.com benefits for all enterprise-wide data collection.

Private Label and Branding

With a tidal wave of SPAM and Phishing schemes circulating the internet, it's important to maintain a contiguous brand message when interfacing with clients.

Form.com Deployment on a Self-Hosted Model

With all the reasons given today for enterprises to jump onto the SaaS bandwagon, there are equally as many on the side of self-hosted installations. Form.com provides its customers the ability to select whichever hosting method makes sense for them.

Technical Requirements for Self Host Deployment

The article covers recommendations for the software and hardware to keep application stable and secure.

SAML Configuration for Self Hosted Applications

The article describes the configuration settings in the application and on the Identity Provider side that should be made to make SAML Single Sign On possible. 


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