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On the Settings page you can specify the required Form/Survey functionality. This page consists of two tabs: Form/Survey settings and the File upload settings.

Form / Survey Settings

 The following settings may be applied to the form/survey:

When respondent attempts to take the form/survey a second time:

  • Do not allow respondent back into form/survey Once a respondent submits a response, this respondent is not allowed to come back and change his responses. A returning respondent will receive a message thanking him for his participation in the form/survey.

  • Respondent may return and modify their response The respondent is allowed to come back to his response and make changes. The old responses will be overwritten with the new ones.

  • Allow multiple responses - only applies to Master URL The number of respondents who can submit responses from the same computer is not limited. 

  • Keep in mind that you must keep the tab with your responses open: in case it is closed, you will not be able to return to the responses. 
  • When submitting multiple responses from the same computer using the Master URL, your respondents must close the browser window or tab each time they have submitted a response.
  • When the form/survey is filled out via the Master URL, browser cookies are used to identify respondents.

Form/Survey Progress Indicator

if your form/survey has more than one page, you may activate the progress indicator, which will appear at the bottom-right of the online survey. Use these radio buttons to define how progress is reported to respondents as they complete the survey:

  • Do not show progress indicator Respondents will not see any indication of their progress through the survey.

  • Show page numbers Respondents will see their progress as Page x of y.

  • Show progress in bar graph Respondents will see a bar indicating how far along they are in the survey.

  • Show progress as percentage Respondents will see the percentage completed at the end of each page

  • You can also apply Circular progress bar indicator (advanced feature). For more details consult the Plugins help chapter.

Access to Responses

To grant access to completed responses, you may select between two options:

By default, access to completed responses is restricted to the authorized users. For the forms created prior to 8.27 release, access to the responses will follow the old behavior, so Allow access to everybody via direct RBR link will be selected. 

Show Results

 Select Show results to respondents option to redirect a respondent to the Standard Report upon Submit. The Standard Report will include all Completed responses so far.

Redirect Page 

You can enter a URL in the Redirect Page text box to redirect a respondent to the specified web page upon Submit.

You will not be able to set up a Redirect page if you check Show results option.

Display Alert Messages In

You can use this drop-down box to select the language in which the system pop-up alerts will be displayed.


  • Show back button The Back button allows a respondent to go back to previous pages. This button will appear only if the form/survey has multiple pages. By default Back button is enabled.

  • Show save button The Save button can save partial results, and allows the respondent to complete his response by accessing the same link later.

  • Go to the next page when a radio button is selected This option should only be used if there is only one question on the page. When this option is selected, respondents will go automatically to the next page by selecting a radio button.

This option is applicable only if Pick one or 'Other' question type is used and the 'Other' option is not activated.

Question Numbers 

This feature activates/deactivates the question numbers which appear before the question text.

Time Limit

You may specify the time limit for respondents. When it runs out, the response will be closed and submitted.

Response Label 

You may assign a custom Response Label to each response by using data from response. Type any text and reference a Single line text response field in the Qx.Ay format from which you would like to pull data.

For example, if the Name of the respondent is stored in the first field of Q1, you may type: Response of Q1.A1.

This feature is quite useful on the Participant Portal as it allows to differentiate responses easily and present some specific data from this response in its header.

File Upload Settings

File Upload Settings can be applied for all questions of this type by going to Edit Form/Survey page-> Settings-> File Upload Settings tab, or by applying individual question settings on the Edit Question page.

Individual question settings prevail over the general File Upload Settings for all questions. 

First, select whether any file types should be accepted, or only specific ones:

If specific file types should be accepted, define the type of files respondents can upload:

Images (.jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp)
Specify whether it is allowed to upload the files from gallery and use Markup/Crop tool on the uploaded images:

Insert from Gallery option will appear only if response is submitted via our Mobile or Desktop Offline application.
Image gallery is the only source of the files for the devices with OS version lower than v4.4.4(for Android) and  v9.0(for iOS). For the devices with OS version newer than  v4.4.4(for Android) and  v9.0(for iOS) it is allowed to use any source, including gallery, Dropbox, Google drive, etc.

Select the size of the uploaded images:

          • Small (900 pixels by largest side)
          • Medium (1440 pixels)
          • Large (1800 pixels)
          • Keep original image size (the file will be re-sized keeping original dimensions). 

            Original dimensions of the image will be kept, however, due to security reasons, an overhead will be removed which might cause the size reduction, but not the quality.

          • Specify the max. side dimension (From 300px up to 7000px).

Set uploaded images view:

          • Small
          • Medium
          • Large (will show images one below the other). 

Date and Time Stamp for Photos:
Activate this option if you would like to see when the photo was taken. Date and Time Stamp can be displayed for photos taken via the Offline Mobile App. Images chosen from the Photo Gallery will not be date/time stamped.The Date and Time will appear on the photos once they are uploaded to the server. You may choose from one of the options below:

        • No Date/Time Stamp (default)
        • Date only YY.MM.DD
        • Date and Time YYYY.MM.DD HH.MM.SS

          If the Date and Time option is chosen, it will be recorded in the following format: YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS in the device local time. The Time Zone will also be indicated. 

Documents (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .ppt, .pptx, .csv, .txt, .pdf, .rtf, .xml)
Set the maximum size limit of the uploaded documents. The maximum size is 100 Mb (this value can not be changed). 

Other file types 

Specify extensions or MIME types of files to be allowed for uploading. It is preferred to identify the allowed file types by their extensions, however, in some cases using MIME types may be more convenient. For example, if you want respondents to upload any audio file, you may use audio/* MIME type to specify this. Be aware that the support for MIME types in some browsers may be incomplete. Please test the specification of the file format as MIME type for the files your respondents should upload in browsers they might be using.
Set the maximum size limit of the uploaded files. The maximum size is 100 Mb (this value can not be changed). 

Click Save to save your changes and go to the Form/Survey Edit page. Click Save and New to save your question and start creation the next one right away.

Click Cancel to go back to the Form/Survey Edit page without saving changes.