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Here you can work with your survey questions, Thank You PageInternal NotesSurvey Header and FooterMulti-Lingual options, Survey SettingsLayoutPrint the survey or open its Launch parameters.


Once you have created the survey, you can edit it by clicking the Edit button on Main survey page. On Survey modification page you can work with following:

The ribbon toolbar (1) contains survey design functionality.

The search field (2) allows you to find and replace question and answer options texts throughout the whole survey.

The survey editing field (3) contains three options and allows to edit survey name, title and introduction.

The question editing (4) area includes several options that allow to edit survey questions that were created previously.


The current page contains the following topics:

Add Image

 Click here for more details:

You can add images to your survey questions and answer choices. You can also specify a URL to open a web page after clicking on the image.

This can be used to show your respondent products pictures, concept drawings, and samples. Sometimes it is easier to show than to describe using only question text. It is also great for comparisons.

To add an image you need to click the Add Image button next to the question on Surveys > Questions page, then follow the steps below:

  1. Choose an image to appear with the question.

     Click here for more details:
    • Click the Select Image button to locate an image file saved in your Media Library.
    • You can upload files with the extensions jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png extensions or image files with no extension (for MacOS files).

      If the image is saved in CMYK colorspace, it may not be displayed correctly. Use the RGB colorspace instead.
    • Click on the needed image and hit Ok to upload it.
  2. Specify the image position (left, top, right). In top position you can set image alignment (left, center, right) and add visual arrows by selecting corresponding check boxes (Up Left, Bottom Left, Up Right, Bottom Right). If you need you can add a brief description to the image and specify a URL that will be opened when respondents click on it.
  3. Select if the images should appear next to your answer choices. Provide short descriptions and indicate URLs for linking below each image if needed.
  4. Click Save.


Click Save to upload selected images to your survey question and answer choices.

Click Preview to see how your uploaded images look.


If you need to remove an image, click the Remove link under the image.

 Click here for more details:

You can add a logo to the form/survey to meet your company or products design.

To add a logo to the survey follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Logo button on the survey Questions page;
  2. Click the Select Image button to locate image file you want to upload as a logo within your Media Library;
  3. Select the image you wish to attach;
  4. Click OK button at the bottom right to upload logo.

Click Save to save changes.

Click Preview button to preview the survey with a new logo.

After the image is uploaded you can change its size, alignment, edit image description and other options:

  • Specify where you want this logo to appear by selecting an alignment.
  • Change logo size. If you are not sure what size it should be click on the lower right corner of the image and drag it to the required size. Preview the survey to see if matches your survey layout.
  • Logo Description allows you to add a short description to the Image.
  • You can add any custom text using Mouse Over option. Respondents will see it if they move their mouse over the survey logo.
  • The On click open link option allows you to redirect survey respondents to your web site or any other page in the web after clicking the logo image.



You can use only .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png images in RGB colorspace.

 Click here for more details:

To add new question to your survey:

  1. Select a Form or Survey from the Home page
  2. Click the Edit button on the Survey Information pane to the right.
  3. Click Insert on the Questions page, and select New Question or click the New Question button on the ribbon toolbar.
  4. Select the question type from the Please select a question type dropdown.
  5. Click the Example link to see questions' examples you can use in the survey. 

    This option is not available for the Common-Password survey.

  6. Continue with a question page design wizard.


Click the Cancel button to go back to the Questions page.


 Click here for more details:

Validation can be set up with the help of a dropdown box that you see next to the Hide checkbox. By default all of your survey questions are optional and respondents can skip them when filling out your survey. However it is possible to force respondents to answer a question by changing the setting to mandatory or mandatory on condition.


Next to each question you will find dropdown box that lists the following options:

  • Allow to skip Select this option to make this question optional to answer.
  • Skip with alert This option allows respondent skipping a question but generates a pop-up alert that notifies about skipping the question.
  • Must answer Select this option to make the question mandatory. Respondents will not be able to proceed to other pages or submit your survey until answer the question.
  • Conditional Must Answer Use this option to create a condition upon which current question becomes mandatory. 

     More details:

    If you want to make your respondents answering certain question depending on the answers they gave to the previous questions use the Qx.Ay format to create a condition, where x is a question number and y is answer choice number within a question.


    You wish to make a question mandatory for those respondents who selected answer choice 2 within question 2 and answered open-ended question 3. 

    The expression of this condition will look as following: Q2.A2 AND Q3.
    Use the following logic operators to create complex conditions:ANDORNOT.

    You can reference to the questions that precede current question only.

  • Mandatory answer options Select this option to make only certain answer choices within a question mandatory to answer.

    You can apply this option to the following question types:Rate Different Items along the scale of your choice3D MatrixSingle Line text with pre-format options

  • Must answer all fields option is used to make all items within the 3D Matrix type of question mandatory to answer.

Copy Questions

 Click here for more details:

To copy a question within the survey click the Copy button next to the appropriate question on the Questions page.

Then follow the steps below:

  1. Select destination location within your survey where the question will be copied.

     Click here for more details:
    • Before this question. The question will be copied before the selected question.
    • After this question. The question will be copied after the selected question.
  2. Choose the question from your current survey that will precede or come after the copied question.
  3. Click the Save button to copy your question.


Click Back to return to the previous page without copying question.

Copy Questions from Another Survey

 Click here for more details:

To copy a set of questions from another survey to your current survey click Insert on the Surveys > Questions page and select Copy question from another survey from the dropdown menu.

Then follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Survey you want to copy a question from.
  2. If you are not sure which survey contains the questions you need, you can search through all the surveys within your account. Enter a word or a phrase to look for into the Find Questions field and click the Go button to start the search.
  3. Select Questions you want to copy. Select the Check All option to copy all questions on this page.
  4. Click the Copy button to insert the selected questions to the end of your survey.

Click Back to return to the previous page without copying questions.

Media Library

 Click here for more details:

Media Library allows you to store files that could be added in your form/survey and report items. It was designed to make it easier for you to upload, save, access and use stored files any time needed.

Media Library can be opened in multiple ways. Each time when you are trying to upload image as a Logo for a survey, Add image for an answer option or click on Insert image on WYSIWYG editor Media Library would pop-up. Also, there is a general access to it under the My Account -> Media Library.


 What files can be stored in Media Library?

Starting from May 15th, 2019, in order to minimize the risk of viruses and other malicious software being uploaded to our system, we are restricting the types of files that may be uploaded to the Media Library. All the files that have been uploaded previously will remain intact, but the upload of new files is now restricted to the following formats:

jpg, png, gif, pdf, bmp, svg, ttf, eot, woff, woff2, jpeg, docx, tif, csv, mp4, zip, doc, eps, mp3, xlsx, tiff, xls, pptx, html, htm, ico, wmv, psd, txt, ics, msi, ai, otf, mov, ppt, wav, msg, rar, wma, wmf, xcf, emf, oxps, jfif, xml, xlsm, m4v, pub, rtf, ipa, pdn, ini, avi, webm, php, thmx, xlsb, pspimage, css.

 How to add and manage items in Media Library?
To add a file to your Media Library click on the Upload button and select it on your computer. Once you choose a file, it will be uploaded right away. On the left pane of the library you can see all folders created in it. You can easily create more folders, rename them or delete by selecting and clicking on respective button above to keep your Media Library organized. Once you have uploaded a file to your Media Library, you can see its characteristics displayed on the third pane. From this pane you can edit the file name by simple clicking on the current name, editing it and hitting on the checkmark.
 Why don't I have an access to Media Library?
If your account is Multi-access or Multi-user type and you are not its administrator, you can be limited in access rights. If so, please contact your local account administrator to request rights for accessing and managing Media Library.
 How many images could be stored in Media Library?
You can store as many files there as Library's size allows. On the bottom left of the Media Library window a detailed statistics of used and free space is displayed so you could easily control the storage use.



  • Images that were uploaded in your survey or report items before you started to use Media Library will not appear in it automatically.
  • Default size of your library is set to 10 Mb but can be easily increased per request to your account representative.
  • You cannot delete an image from Media library if it is used in any of your forms/surveys.

Question Library

 Click here for more details:

To copy one or more questions from question library to the end of your current survey, click Insert on the Survey Editing page, and select Question from question library from the dropdown menu.

On the left side of Question library you can find Default Categories of questions and create your own under the Custom Categories. Once you have selected needed category its questions appear on the middle pane. You can easily click on any question to see its answer options and preview it by clicking on the Preview button.


 How do I create a new category of questions in a Library?

To create a new category click on the Add Category button on the top left, name your category and confirm. Right after this you can start adding questions in it. Categories created by you appear under the Custom Categories class. You can also rename such categories or delete if needed. 

The category name cannot be longer than 255 symbols.
 How do I add questions in custom category?

It is possible to add questions in a custom category in two ways: by creating from scratch one by one or by copying from existing survey.

To create new questions click on the category name on the left pane and then hit the Add Question button. Specify needed question and answer options parameters and Save this question. Once saved you can see it appearing on the question list for your category. If you click on a question in this list additional options appear for editing and deleting selected question.

If you would like to copy questions from existing survey click on the category name on the left pane and then hit the arrow button next to the Add Question one. Now click on the Add question from existing survey and select needed survey/questions. When you have checked all needed questions click on Copy and confirm. If you do not remember the exact survey name and question location you can Search for it in respective text box here.

 How do I add questions in my survey?
Pick needed question from the library and either double-click on it or drag and drop to the left pane. Once all needed questions are added in here, click on the Add to Survey button.
 How many questions could be copied at once?
You are not limited in number of questions you can add to the survey at once.
 How many questions can I save in my Library?
You are not limited in number of categories or questions you can store in the Library.


 Click here for more details:

On the Settings page you can specify the required Form/Survey functionality. This page consists of two tabs: Form/Survey settings and File upload settings.

Form/Survey settings

 The following settings may be applied to the form/survey:

When respondent attempts to take the form/survey a second time

  • Do not allow respondent back into form/survey Once a respondent submits a response, this respondent is not allowed to come back and change his responses. A returning respondent will receive a message thanking him for his participation in the form/survey.

  • Respondent may return and modify their response The respondent is allowed to come back to his response and make changes. The old responses will be overwritten with the new ones.

  • Allow multiple responses - only applies to Master URL The number of respondents who can submit responses from the same computer is not limited. 

    • When submitting multiple responses from the same computer using the Master URL, your respondents must close the browser window or tab each time they have submitted a response.
    • When the form/survey is filled out via Master URL, browser cookies are used to identify respondents.

Form/Survey progress indicator

if your form/survey has more than one page, you may activate the progress indicator, which will appear at the bottom-right of the online survey. Use these radio buttons to define how progress is reported to respondents as they complete the survey:

  • Do not show progress indicator Respondents will not see any indication of their progress through the survey.

  • Show page numbers Respondents will see their progress as Page x of y.

  • Show progress in bar graph Respondents will see a bar indicating how far along they are in the survey.

  • Show progress as percentage Respondents will see the percentage completed at the end of each page

  • You can also apply Circular progress bar indicator (advanced feature). For more details consult the Plugins help chapter.

Access to responses

To grant access to completed responses, you may select between two options:

  • By default, access to completed responses is restricted to the authorized users. For the forms created prior to 8.27 release, access to the responses will follow the old behavior, so Allow access to everybody via direct RBR link will be selected. 

Show results

 Select Show results to respondents option to redirect a respondent to the Standard Report upon Submit. The Standard Report will include all Completed responses so far.

Redirect Page 

You can enter a URL in the Redirect Page text box to redirect a respondent to the specified web page upon Submit.

You will not be able to set up a Redirect page if you check Show results option.

Display alert messages in 

You can use this drop-down box to select the language in which the system pop-up alerts will be displayed.


  • Show back button The Back button allows a respondent to go back to previous pages. This button will appear only if the form/survey has multiple pages. By default Back button is enabled.

  •  Show save button The Save button can save partial results, and allows the respondent to complete his response by accessing the same link later.

  •  Go to the next page when a radio button is selected This option should only be used if there is only one question on the page. When this option is selected, respondents will go automatically to the next page by selecting a radio button.

This option is applicable only if Pick one or 'Other' question type is used and the 'Other' option is not activated.

Question Numbers 

This feature activates/deactivates the question numbers which appear before the question text.

Time limit

You may specify the time limit for respondents. When it runs out, the response will be closed and submitted.

Response Label 

You may assign a custom Response Label to each response by using data from response. Type any text and reference a Single line text response field in Qx.Ay format from which you would like to pull data.

For example, if the Name of the respondent is stored in the first field of Q1, you may type: Response of Q1.A1.

This feature is quite useful on the Participant Portal as it allows to differentiate responses easily and present some specific data from this response in its header.


File Upload Settings

File Upload Settings can be applied for all questions of this type by going to Edit Form/Survey page-> Settings-> File Upload Settings tab, or by applying individual question settings on the Edit Question page.

Individual question settings prevail over the general File Upload Settings for all questions. 

First, select whether any file types should be accepted, or only specific ones:

If specific file types should be accepted, define the type of files respondents can upload:


Images (.jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp)
Specify whether it is allowed to upload the files from gallery and use Markup/Crop tool on the uploaded images:

Insert from Gallery option will appear only if response is submitted via our Mobile or Desktop Offline application.
Image gallery is the only source of the files for the devices with OS version lower than v4.4.4(for Android) and  v9.0(for iOS). For the devices with OS version newer than  v4.4.4(for Android) and  v9.0(for iOS) it is allowed to use any source, including gallery, Dropbox, Google drive, etc.

Select the size of the uploaded images:

          • Small (900 pixels by largest side)
          • Medium (1440 pixels)
          • Large (1800 pixels)
          • Keep original image size (the file will be re-sized keeping original dimensions). 

            Original dimensions of the image will be kept, however, due to security reasons, an overhead will be removed which might cause the size reduction, but not the quality.

          • Specify the max. side dimension (From 300px up to 7000px).

Set uploaded images view:

          • Small
          • Medium
          • Large (will show images one below the other). 

Date and Time Stamp for Photos:
Activate this option if you would like to see when the photo was taken. Date and Time Stamp can be displayed for photos taken via the Offline Mobile App. Images chosen from the Photo Gallery will not be date/time stamped.The Date and Time will appear on the photos once they are uploaded to the server. You may choose from one of the options below:

        • No Date/Time Stamp (default)
        • Date only YY.MM.DD
        • Date and Time YYYY.MM.DD HH.MM.SS

          If the Date and Time option is chosen, it will be recorded in the following format: YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS in the device local time. The Time Zone will also be indicated. 

Documents (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .ppt, .pptx, .csv, .txt, .pdf, .rtf, .xml)
Set the maximum size limit of the uploaded documents. The maximum size is 100 Mb (this value can not be changed). 

Other file types 

Specify extensions or MIME types of files to be allowed for uploading. It is preferred to identify the allowed file types by their extensions, however, in some cases using MIME types may be more convenient. For example, if you want respondents to upload any audio file, you may use audio/* MIME type to specify this. Be aware that the support for MIME types in some browsers may be incomplete. Please test the specification of the file format as MIME type for the files your respondents should upload in browsers they might be using.
Set the maximum size limit of the uploaded files. The maximum size is 100 Mb (this value can not be changed). 

Click Save to save your changes and go to the Form/Survey Edit page. Click Save and New to save your question and start creation the next one right away.

Click Cancel to go back to the Form/Survey Edit page without saving changes. 

Test Survey

 Click here for more details:

This feature is used to make sure your survey works properly and to see if you need to make any last minute changes to questions or responses. Before you launch a survey, you should always test it.

On the Survey Editing page in a Preview dropdown you will be able to test your Form/Survey as well as your Report:

  1.  Click the Preview button.
    • Select Preview to take and submit your survey, exactly as your respondents will.

      The survey settings such as survey logic, survey layout and Must answer conditions will works for a real survey by default, but you can easily change these settings on the Functional pane. With the help of its options you can enable/disable logic rules and Must Answer validation,show internal question numbers or even go directly to a particular question from the respective Go To Question dropdown. Also, this pane can be easily hidden by clicking on the Hide button on a right.
    • The Submit button is not active in the Preview mode and by clicking on it you only receive a respective message, so no results would be saved.
  2.  Select the Test Form/Survey option.
    • Select Test Survey to take and submit your survey, exactly as your respondents will. 

      All of the survey settings such as survey logicsurvey layout and email alerts will work as for a real survey, but you can change these settings on the Functional pane. With the help of its options you can enable/disable logic rules and Must Answer validation, show internal question numbers or even go directly to a particular question from the respective Go To Question dropdown. Also, this pane can be easily hidden by clicking on the Hide button on a right.
    • If you chose to allow respondents to see results, clicking the Submit button lets you see what your results will look like.
    • When you click Submit while testing online, these test responses are included only into the test report but not into your final results.
  3.  Select the Test Report option.
    • Click the Test Report button to view your survey's test results in graphic format.

      The test report has the same settings as the Standard report.