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Our platform allows to create and assign tasks to the respondents. A task can be used for many different use cases:

For instance, a Task can be assigned to Responsible Parties who are responsible for completing part or a whole task, depending on the setup.

Completing this task will usually involve completing a form with information about the specific task they are performing, as well as assigning a status to that task.

These tasks will be displayed to the Responsible Parties in a list, they will have a description as well as properties that will facilitate filtering, categorizing and identifying these tasks.

Tasks can be managed by Task Managers. This means monitoring, reassigning, editing, etc. The Task Managers and Responsible Parties can be different users, the same users, or somewhere in between depending on the setup.

To see simple and detailed video course on the Tasks, please visit our Video library.

Task Definitions

Task definitions contain various task characteristics, such as who can work on tasks, what form should be filled out as part of a task, what statuses and properties a task may have. This chapter includes information about all tabs content (Basics tab, Statuses tab, Due date tab. etc)

Task Management

The Task Management functionality offers you the possibility to review the lists of tasks in your account, filter them, and create filters so that you can quickly access saved filtered lists. Go to the page to see more details about managing your tasks.

Task Import

The Import Tasks feature provides the possibility of creating, assigning and setting the completion due date of multiple tasks(One task per row in the file), as well as pre-populating the fields of the selected Form with the Task details.