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Validation can be set up with the help of a dropdown box that you see next to the Hide checkbox. By default all of your survey questions are optional and respondents can skip them when filling out your survey. However it is possible to force respondents to answer a question by changing the setting to mandatory or mandatory on condition.


Next to each question you will find dropdown box that lists the following options:

  • Allow to skip Select this option to make this question optional to answer.
  • Skip with alert This option allows respondent skipping a question but generates a pop-up alert that notifies about skipping the question.
  • Must answer Select this option to make the question mandatory. Respondents will not be able to proceed to other pages or submit your survey until answer the question.
  • Conditional Must Answer Use this option to create a condition upon which current question becomes mandatory. 

     More details:

    If you want to make your respondents answering certain question depending on the answers they gave to the previous questions use the Qx.Ay format to create a condition, where x is a question number and y is answer choice number within a question.


    You wish to make a question mandatory for those respondents who selected answer choice 2 within question 2 and answered open-ended question 3. 

    The expression of this condition will look as following: Q2.A2 AND Q3.
    Use the following logic operators to create complex conditions:ANDORNOT.

    You can reference to the questions that precede current question only.

  • Mandatory answer options Select this option to make only certain answer choices within a question mandatory to answer.

    You can apply this option to the following question types:Rate Different Items along the scale of your choice3D MatrixSingle Line text with pre-format options

  • Must answer all fields option is used to make all items within the 3D Matrix type of question mandatory to answer.