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We are pleased to announce the release of version 8.20 of the Survey data collection platform. Please note that the v8.20 release involves updates to both our hardware and software. We have successfully deployed the hardware release on October 7th, and the software stage release is scheduled for October 28th. In this release, we introduce a major change to Master Link / Custom Report URL options. We've also made changes to the authentication process and moved the authorization logic to a separate service. The changes introduced in this release are aimed at enhancing the platform's performance and security.

With the release of version 8.20, the Master Link / Custom Report URL options will change the following way:

  1. Non-secure URL will be removed;
  2. Secure URL will become default;
  3. The 'IP Address' option will be replaced with a 'Short link' option;

  4. The 'Custom' option will redirect now to a Short link instead of an IP Address.
Master Link OptionSaaS User / Branded Account with SSLBranded Account / No SSL
Non-secure URLNo longer availableNo change
Secure URLNew defaultNo longer available
IP AddressReplaced with Short Link (https)Replaced with Short Link (https)
CustomRedirects to Short Link (https)Redirects to Short Link (https)

Self-hosted and Private Label clients will not be affected by this change and will be able to continue to use Non-secure URLs for forms, surveys, and reports. 

When a form, survey, or report is first launched or published:

  • The user will be able to select from these three options: Secure URL, Short link, or Custom;
  • The Standard Report will inherit the URL option from the parent form/survey.

When a form, survey, or report has already been launched or published using one of the following options:

  • Non-secure URL: The existing URL will remain the same, without any changes;
  • Secure URL: The existing URL will remain the same, without any changes;
  • IP Address: The existing URL will remain the same and will work without redirect. However, in the dropdown, it will be replaced with Short Link. You will see the Short Link option instead of the IP Address URL, even though the latter will continue to work;
  • Custom: The existing URL will remain the same and will work without redirect.

We highly recommend updating the forms, surveys, and reports that use Non-secure URLs and switching to the Secure URL option to avoid the 'Not Secure' Warning in Chrome. Starting with version 62, Chrome will show this warning for all HTTP sites where users are required to type in any data.

If the Form is Launched to the Participant Portal

With the release of version 8.20, the 'Secure URL' option will become the only available Master link option for a form published to the User Portal and Mobile App.

While any type of Master Link can be chosen before the form is launched to the Participant Portal, the 'Secure link' option will be set automatically when the form is published. It will not be possible to change the Master link option afterwards - the dropdown will be disabled:

Forms with other Master Link options (Non-secure URL, IP Adress, or Custom) which were published to the User Portal earlier will continue to work using old settings, but the dropdown will be disabled. If you need to change the Master Link for such a form, please contact WorldAPP Support.

The Master Link behavior will remain the same for other distribution methods. You will be able to change the Master link option after the form has been launched via Email or Password Protection, or attached to a Task Definition. 

New Workflow Tag

We have improved our Workflow plugins and added an additional [LINK_TO_ANOTHER_SURVEY_<target survey id>] tag which will be useful if you set up multiple Workflow plugins in the same form. If some of these plugins fire at the same time, the original tag [LINK_TO_ANOTHER_SURVEY] is substituted with all links that were triggered by response submission. The [LINK_TO_ANOTHER_SURVEY_<target survey id>] tag allows to separate them and specify which Workflow link should be inserted into a particular Email Alert, as you may have as many Email Alerts with different recipients as Workflow plugins. 

New SOAP API Method - getRespondentsByEmail

The new SOAP API Method getRespondentsByEmail has been added to FormResultManagementService. This method can be used to retrieve an array of respondents filtered by one email address. 

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