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Version 8.21 of / Key Survey will be released on November 25th, 2017. This release focuses on infrastructure improvements, sorting in Object Lookup / Multiple Object Lookup questions, and enhancements to the process of generating unique links sent via email. 

Sorting in Object Lookup / Multiple Object Lookup

Prior to release 8.21, data objects in Object Lookup / Multiple Object Lookup were sorted by the Name Formula which was always treated as text, regardless of the format assigned to the fields. This worked for cases when the Name Formula consisted of several fields.  

However, often the Name Formula may consist of one field with a specific format such as date, number, or decimal number. After the release of v8.21, the system will detect the number of fields in the name formula and use the sorting method based on the field format. 

The sorting methods could be as follows:

Field FormatSorting Method
System autogenerated IDnumeric
'Decimal number', 'Currency', 'Percent', 'Number > 0'numeric
'Date' (all formats)by date
Other formats ('General', 'Language', 'Email')as text

Additionally, we have fixed the sorting logic across multiple pages of (Multiple) Object Lookup questions. When a Lookup question has several pages with data objects, the sorting will work across all pages, not just the first one.

Email form/survey to people from Contact Manager 

The Allow multiple responses rule which can be found on the Settings page of the form/survey is not compatible with Email form/survey to people from Contact Manager launch option. With the release of v8.21, we will show the following message if this rule is chosen and you select the Email form/survey to people from Contact Manager option on the Launch page:

 If you see this message, you may go back to the Settings page and choose a different rule, or it will be automatically changed to Respondent may return and modify their response when you click Send Email. 

With the release of version 8.21, we are improving the mechanism of how unique links are generated. The unique links generated after this release will be more secure. This change will not affect links generated prior to v8.21, which will continue working without issues. 

Windows 10 Mobile OS

As Microsoft had discontinued active development of Windows 10 Mobile Operation System, our application will stop supporting this Mobile OS.

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