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The release of the version 8.22 of / Key Survey application is scheduled for January 20th, 2018. This release focuses on making our password complexity policy more flexible and secure. Also, we have significantly improved the progress indicator which shows the details of the Mobile and Desktop App synchronization.

Password Complexity Policy

To satisfy strict password complexity requirements, we have revised and improved the Password settings page available from the admin account. 

Now, the password complexity for user accounts can be based on the options below:

  • Alpha characters (any case)
  • Uppercase and lowercase alpha characters
  • Digits
  • Non-alphanumeric characters

To satisfy the needed complexity level these options can be combined.

  • Please note that password complexity settings do not apply to third-party Single Sign-On solutions.
  • Self-hosted clients will be able to specify the complexity of passwords using the options above when they upgrade to version 8.22.

Synchronization Progress Indicator

The synchronization interface of the Mobile/Desktop Offline Apps was redesigned to improve the user experience and provide more details about the process. 

Now, when synchronizing the apps, you will see the progress bar with the following stages:

1) Uploading -> 2) Tasks -> 3) Forms -> 4) Results -> 5) Data Models. 

You will also see the percentage of sync completion for each stage and the speed of the synchronization:

If you notice that sync is taking some time, you may try to find a faster connection to speed up the process. 

To take advantage of the redesigned Synchronization Progress Indicator, be sure to update your Mobile / Desktop Application to the latest version.

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