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With the release of version 8.23 which is scheduled for February 10th, we introduce a new feature for the File Upload questions - Date and Time Stamp for photos. 

Date and Time Stamp for Photos

The new Date and Time Stamp for Photos option will be added to the File Upload Settings. These settings can be specified for an individual File Upload question by going to its Edit page, or for all File Upload questions within a form by going to Edit form page-> Settings-> File Upload Settings. 

The option No Date/Time Stamp will be default. 

This feature allows to see when the uploaded photo was taken. Date and Time Stamp can be displayed for photos taken via the Offline Mobile App. Images chosen from the Photo Gallery will not be date/time stamped.
The Date and Time Stamp will be added once the submitted response is uploaded to the server. In progress responses which were synced with the server will also display the Date and Time stamp on photos. It will also appear on photos in Report by Respondent.

If the Date and Time option is chosen, it will be recorded in the following format: YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS in the device local time. The Time Zone will also be indicated. 


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