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The release of version 8.24 of / Key Survey application is scheduled for February 28th, 2018. This release is focusing on infrastructure improvements, as well as minor changes to Calculated Values and Email Alert functionality. 

Question and Answer Identifiers in Email Alerts

When setting up Email Alerts, you will be able to use Question or Answer Identifiers in the  To:Cc:Bcc: and Send reply to: fields, to refer to the answer field which stores the email address.

For example, if email addresses are stored in a Single line text with pre-format options question with the question identifier email assigned to it, your Email Alert may be set up like this:

Also, the Send reply to: field now supports the blue suggestion box for your convenience:

Calculated Value 

To preserve the original format of the Single Line fields, we introduce a change to the Calculated Value functionality. Now, if the form has at least one response, it will not be possible to edit the existing Calculated Value fields. They will become disabled for editing on those answer options which have respondent's data associated with them:

This will happen even if the Calculated Value formulas were not specified for those fields originally:


When you have already collected some responses, you can still use Calculated Values for new fields which can be added to the form at any time, or for fields which have not been answered.






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