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WorldAPP announces the release of and Key Survey v8.7 that is scheduled for October 3, 2015.

In this version the WorldAPP team has focused on the applications’ performance and stability. The improvements allowed to speed up synchronization with mobile devices, reduce time of saving data and improve reports performance.

We have also completely re-architected the production environment for our SaaS application to minimize the risk of application downtimes and remove the single points of failure. The architecture will also allow us complete the implementation of the disaster recovery site for our SaaS production environment which is on target to be completed by the end of this year. 


New Functionality:

  • "Submit & Copy" plugin. Plugin is applicable to the forms that will be submitted only via, Key Survey mobile and Windows applications. This plugin allows to:
    • Automatically create a new response upon submission of the original response;
    • Pre-fill new response with the data from the original response;
    • Quick edit option that allows to enter all question references at once in this plugin.


  • "Column or Bar Chart" plugin is fully supported by the Custom Forms layout editor.

  • Maximum score in "Score calculator" plugin and the MAX_SCORE formula in Calculated Value will exclude "Check All That Apply" questions from calculations if  value with no score was selected. 

  • All "Branch on Range" logic settings are saved even when the name of an answer option in "Compare one against another" questions was changed. 
  • When updating a Contact manager by importing a .CSV file a new contact with a login identical to a previously deleted one can be created
  • Improved "Multilingual" and "Translation import" pages interface: 
    • Updated help instructions on "Translation import" feature are now placed directly on this page.


Reporting module also has some functional and interface improvements:

  • Details table in PDF report will allow to open the individual responses (reports by respondents) right from the PDF document.
  • Details table is copied along when you copy the report.
  • Details Table item may be copied within the same Report.
  • "Rate Different items along the scale of your choice" questions in Details Table is presented with numeric scale value and text scale label.
  • Font size of "Single Line text with pre-format options", "Multiline text response" and "3D Matrix" questions in reports by respondents has been increased for better user experience.

Mobile Application

More functional improvements are introduced to the mobile applications. Mobile applications and Key Survey 7.0 will be available for download soon after the and Key Survey 8.7 release. We will announce when it will be available.

Expected in the Mobile application Key Survey and 7.0:

  • The mobile application is switched to the Cordova framework – this is a significant back end change that will allow expanding future development options and application’s functions variety.
  • Work with images is getting simpler:
    • Uploaded pictures will keep their original file names after uploading to a form.
    • File upload questions will let "Insert from camera" and "Insert from gallery"
  • Application’s buttons’ and "Submit & Copy" plugin’s behavior will be smooth and consistent.
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