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The Survey Mobile application allows accessing and submitting Forms/Surveys offline. Before downloading the Forms/Surveys to the device, they should be created online with the use of the or Key Survey tool.

The Form/Survey administrator should:

  1. Login to or Key Survey online application.
  2. Press the New button from the Forms/Surveys home page.
  3. Select Survey(enhanced for offline support) or Linear Form and proceed with the design.

Once the Form/Survey has been created, the system will indicate if it is compatible with the Survey Mobile application. A green Available icon indicates that the Form/Survey can be accessed from the Survey Mobile application. A red Not available icon notifies that the Form/Survey is not compatible with offline mode.

In order for a Form/Survey to completely meet the mobile application requirements, certain limitations should be considered.

All the forms' themes, available by going to Edit Form page-> Layout are mobile friendly and will resize automatically to fit the device screen. However, we do not recommend to use large scales or a lot of columns in the questions of your offline forms/surveys, as this may cause a scrollbar to appear at the bottom.

In you use hyperlinks in the offline forms which are accessed from Mobile or Desktop applications, please keep in mind that:

  • Links without the target attribute e.g. <a href="">Hyperlinked text</a> will be opened in built-in browser.
  • Links with the attribute target="_blank" e.g. <a href="" target="_blank">Hyperlinked text</a> will be opened in system browser.

Unfortunately, there are certain features which are not accessible from the Survey Mobile application.

  • Custom Forms from Trash folder (or forms deleted even after Trash)
  • Surveys with any type of Logic
  • 360 Surveys
  • Common-password Surveys
  • Show results to respondents
  • Redirect Page