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Run the Survey Mobile application on your device and indicate the login credentials. The login details should be provided to participants by a Form/Survey owner. Once logged in, the users are able to download accessible Forms and Surveys, submit responses, upload collected data to the server and carry out tasks assigned to the user. To log in next set of actions should be executed:

  • Type in the Server link which you are attempting to access (, or other link to access a custom solution)
  • Specify the Portal ID.
  • Indicate the Login.
  • Enter the Password.

    In case you forgot your password, click on the Forgot your password? link.

    In order to receive a temporary password you will be required to input:

    • The Server link which you are attempting to access.
    • The Portal ID of the Portal you wish to access.
    • The Username which is associated with the password you wish to reset.




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