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The Survey Mobile respondent database is based on the Contact Managers which have been created in a or Key Survey account.

A new Contact Manager can be created from the Contacts page by clicking the New button and selecting Contact Manager from the dropdown.

  1. Select the preferred creation method.

    • The Create contact list by uploading file with data option allows creating and adding batches of contacts to the Contact Manager
    • The Create list by manually editing fields option allows creating Contact Manager fields manually.
  2. Create the necessary fields.

    The Contact Manager must include the following mandatory fields:

    • Unique Key – which will be used to store the contact identifier, which must be unique to each participant.
    • Email Address – which will be used to store the participant's email address.
    • Login – which will be used to store the participant's Username for access to the Online/Offline Portal as well as the Survey Mobile application.
    • Password – which will be used to store the Password required for the participant to access the Online/Offline Portal as well as the Survey Mobile application.
  3. Select the field Format and indicate the field containing the Unique Key/Email.

    Once you have added all of the necessary fields, specified the required format and assigned the mandatory fields - it would be best to indicate the Name Format.

    It will not be possible to change the Unique Key field once contacts are created in the Contact Manager.

  4. To view required details in the Assigned to column of the Tasks page, indicate the corresponding fields in the Name Format pop-up.

    The Name Format is used to specify the format of the assignee name which will be visible to the you in the Assigned to: column of the Tasks page.

    Once the Contact manager fields have been specified and the Name Format set, press the Save button.

  5. Complete the profile data for each user.

    In order to create additional contacts you can either manually input the details one by one or take advantage of the Import functionality.

If the required Contact Manager does not exist, it must be created by the Form/Survey owner or administrator.

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