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With all the reasons given today for enterprises to jump onto the SaaS bandwagon, there are equally as many on the side of self-hosted installations. WorldAPP provides its customers the ability to select whichever hosting method makes sense for them.


Installation – installing application on the client servers.

  • Prepare the installation package.

  • Prepare the installation instructions (if hosted on client premises).

  • Provide guidance and support during installation (live support, phone, go-to-meeting).

Maintenance – updating the application after the new release.

  • Prepare update files (patch).

  • Prepare update instructions (if hosted on client premises).

Consulting – providing advice and guidance needed to get best results.

  • Advise software and hardware configuration to meet specific /unique customer requirements.

  • Advise on DB server configuration to work with KS application.

  • Advise on optimal network and firewall configuration.


  • Control.

  • Security.

  • Flexibility (choose software hardware platform etc.).


  • Maintain Privacy/Security.

  • Application fits into existent software/hardware environment.



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