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Important note

This article is archived. Please read a new version of the articles about iOS / Android Mobile Applications. 

Buttons located on the same line with the application's name are used for the following purposes:

  1. Menu button

    The Menu button is located in the top left corner and has an appearance of three black parallel lines. It is possible that the numbers will appear over the Menu button. These numbers indicate the number of responses as well as task modifications which are currently stored on the device and have not yet been uploaded to the server.

    The Menu provides the following options:

  • The Synchronize option to update Forms and Tasks on your device and upload collected data to the server.
  • The Download option only downloads any new and updates existing Forms/Surveys if any changes were applied by the Form/Survey owner. 
  • The Upload option indicates the number of collected responses and sends collected data to the server when pressed.
  • The Settings option brings you to the details of the application version. Here you can see the last upload date and time and you can activate the automatic data upload to the server. 

    • Switch the Upload data when online On and the application will upload collected data to the server automatically when your device connects to the internet.

      Automatic data upload takes place when users launch the application on a mobile device and then updates every five minutes. If a user has saved changes to responses and an internet connection is available, the changes will be uploaded before the five minutes period expires. The application should be active, i.e. on the screen, in order the automatic upload to work. If the user leaves the application or launches some other application, the next automatic upload will work immediately after the user returns to the Survey Mobile application. Last upload information will not be updated on the screen during auto upload. The user should navigate to another screen and then return to see that information regarding the uploaded data. The Forms/Surveys owner can see the data right after it has been uploaded

    • Force Full Sync option can trigger manual Full Synchronization of the Mobile App. Since release of version 8.18 of our application, the Mobile App uses Incremental Sync, which significantly improves the sync speed by downloading only new or changed forms, tasks and data models from the server instead of always downloading all data for the user. Full synchronization is also performed after application or server updates. 
    • Language If a Portal is set up as Multilingual, a portal user may switch the language on the Portal Settings page. There are two options: Change and Run synchronization will trigger mobile app sync and change both Portal interface and Multilingual Form's language. Change without synchronization will change only Portal interface language. 
    • Autosave Responses If this feature is enabled, new changes on the Portal will be autosaved every five seconds. Also, Autosave can be enabled when filling out offline forms.
  • The Logout option allows the user to properly exit the Survey Mobile application.

    2. Search field 

The Search field is located in the top right corner of the application main page.
The Search field can be used to search by response labels on the Forms tab and by tasks labels on the Tasks tab.

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