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Important note

This article is archived. Please read a new version of the articles about iOS / Android Mobile Applications. 

Available forms and surveys are listed on the left side of the screen. Tap on a Form/Survey name to select it. Once you collect responses to the selected Form/Survey the collected responses will be visible on the right side of the screen.

Information available about a response:

  • New Response - the date and time when the response was created.
  • Date and time under the New Response -  the date and time when the response was last modified.
  • In Progress status - means that the Submit button was not pressed to complete the response. You can save partial responses by clicking Save and/or Next button on the Form/Survey.
    • The Completed status means that the response was submitted.
    • The Uploaded status informs that the response was uploaded to the server
    • The Changed after sync status shows that the response was modified on a device after the original response was uploaded to the server.

A response can be copied by taping the Copy button which is located on the right of a stored response and looks like two white pages.

Moreover, response can be modified by tapping on the desired one.The following options will become available once a response has been selected:

  • Edit - Opens the response for modifications.
  • Copy - Copies the submitted response.
  • Delete Permanently - Deletes the response from the device.
  • Pin - Once a response is pinned, its data with attachments will never be removed from the mobile device.
  • Upload - Uploads the collected response data to the server from the device in use.
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