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Plugins extend the standard capabilities, thus provide you with the specific on demand functionality.

If you have a specific data engineering need that is not satisfied with your current account's features list, explore the Plugin functionality. It became much easier to build a form/survey that fully meets your requirements using visual and non-visual plugins.The Plugins provide the following advantages:

  • Developed based on user’s custom specification
  • Reusable extension of current survey/form or report functionality
  • Allows you to select and install only the plugins you need
  • Because plugins are not part of the core architecture, only the plugin code needs to be developed and tested. Installation is real-time

To apply plugin to your survey follow these steps:

  1. Click the Plugins button on the ribbon toolbar on the Survey Editing page.
  2. Click Add New Plugin.
  3. Choose appropriate plugin from the list and click Insert to set it up and apply to your survey or form.

Select the Active(1) option to activate appropriate plugin.
Click the Edit(2) button to edit plugin settings.
Click the X(3) button next to the plugin you want to delete.

The following plugin groups can be applied to the Form/Survey:

This category extends the Contact Manager and Data Model functionality to make it more flexible and automated. 

This category extends the survey and form functionality providing respondent access based features.

Plugins from this section allow you to create question sections and randomize them, redirect respondents to the other Form/Survey or website based on their answers or respondents quota.

This category contains plugins that cover wide range of specific tasks.

Plugins of this category are used to apply registration and authentication methods to your survey or form.

This category contains plugins for visual and interactive survey enhancements.

This category plugins are used to perform Workflow operations. You can send data between Forms/Surveys.

This category contains plugins that provide additional Report functionality.

This category contains plugins that provide additional Contact Manager and Portal functionality.

By clicking on the appropriate section's name you will be redirected on the page with the list of all available plugins in the section.