This article is archived. Please read a new version of the articles about the Launch page and the Ad-hoc (via Portal/Mobile Apps) distribution method.


A Form/Survey can be published to the Portal form the Launch page when accessed from the Survey user or administrator account.

  1. Open the Launch section of your form or survey.
  2. Indicate the Start and End Dates if required.

    Once on the Launch page, you can also activate:

    • The Send alert when the Form/Survey expires to receive an email reminder of the expiry date.

    Edit the address and contents of the Email Alert which will be sent when the Form/Survey expires.

    If you wish to choose different dates when the Form should be visible on the Portal, you can indicate this on the Publish on Participant Portal page:

  3. Select the Publish to the User Portal and Mobile App distribution method.

  4. Publish on Participant Portal.

<iframe src=' Mobile: Form/Survey Portal Access Setup' frameborder="0" width="380" height="260"></iframe>