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The & Key Survey Mobile Application Guide consists of the following topics:

Devices Compatible with Mobile Application

Application Installation and Upgrade

The application can be downloaded to the device of your choice by using one of the links provided: 

 Mobile is the latest version of the app for Apple devices. We strongly encourage all users to use this version of the app.

See this FAQ for more details. is the latest version of the app available for Android. Recommended for most users. 

See this FAQ for more details. for Windows Desktop

Our brand new application for Windows

This version substitutes the Classic for Windows Desktop app and most likely this is the version you are searching for. Classic is the legacy version of the app. You may continue using this version, but please consider migrating to the new version as the support for this version ends in December 2020. 

See this FAQ for more details. Classic is the legacy version of our Android app. Users should use this app only if instructed to do so by their account administrators.

See this FAQ for more details. Classic for Windows Desktop

Classic Windows desktop application that is being substituted by the newer one. Mobile

Classic Windows desktop application

without the auto-update  

Note: This version will overwrite any version of an application installed earlier.

The Windows desktop application can be installed using the remote administration tool; however, you must use the application on the computer where it is installed.

To start collecting data with the mobile apps, please follow these steps:

  1. Create web forms for Offline data collection.
  2. Create a Contact Manager with a list of Contacts, who should have access to the Portal.
  3. Adjust Portal Settings on the Portal tab.
  4. Publish your Forms to the Participant Portal.
  5. Download the application for offline data collection from your mobile device.

When your forms are ready for data collection, you need to go to the Mobile App, enter Portal ID, Login, and Password of the Portal User to log into the application and see the list of forms and tasks, published for this user.
For more details please take a look at the Offline Application User Guide.

Offline Compatible Form and Survey Setup


Offline Plugin Compatibility

Portal User Access Setup

Form or Survey Portal Access Setup

Portal Mobile Access Setup


Participant Mobile Access Instructions

Participant Mobile Application Functionality 


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